New MidCoast Mayor announced

In a meeting that marked a number of milestones for the MidCoast region, today Councillor David West was voted in by the newly elected Council as Mayor, with Councillor Katheryn Smith voted Deputy Mayor.

Election of both positions was the sole responsibility of the eleven new Councillors, who cast their vote in a preferential ballot.

Mayor David West
Mayor David West

“It’s an exciting time for the MidCoast community as we head into a new era. We have a committed group of elected representatives from across the MidCoast area, and we look forward to working closely alongside them to continue the momentum we have built up over the past 16 months”, said Glenn Handford, MidCoast Council’s General Manager.
The meeting, held in the Taree Administration Centre, was preceded by the new Councillors committing to represent the MidCoast community by taking an Oath or Affirmation of office.

“We welcome our new Councillors as they take on the important role of guiding the strategic direction of Council to deliver great outcomes region-wide”, Glenn added.

As part of today’s meeting, Council adopted a regular meeting schedule through to February 2018. A monthly Ordinary Council meeting will be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 2pm in the Taree Administration Centre, and a Strategic Committee meeting will be held on the second Wednesday of each month in the Forster Administration Centre (with some variances). View the full schedule of meeting dates and times on MidCoast Council’s website.

The Council meeting continues on with current business-as-usual, covering agenda items that include the current Capital Works report, Stronger Communities Funding progress, and Water Services reports. A report considering the development application for a manufactured home estate in Tallwoods was deferred until next month.
The full meeting Agenda can be viewed on MidCoast Council’s website, where the minutes will be uploaded once available. A recording of the meeting will be broadcasted on 2BOB FM radio from 9pm this evening.

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