75th Anniversary of Kokoda Track

Goodwin leading a recent trek on the Kokoda Track.          Photo supplied
Goodwin leading a recent trek on the Kokoda Track. Photo supplied


IS the Kokoda Track on your bucket list?

2017 is the 75th Anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign and Anna Bay Resident Shane Goodwin has organised a Kokoda information night where you will learn everything you need to know about trekking the Kokoda Track.

The night is a free information night and Shane is one of the presenters.

The Kokoda Track has become a pilgrimage for many Australians, and offers an incredible mental and physical challenge as they journey through dense jungle, following in the footsteps of our ANZAC soldiers.

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Mr Goodwin is a passionate war history enthusiast and knows the Kokoda Trail and the history of the battles that ensued during that time.

Spending time with Shane Goodwin is like taking a step back in history.

His passion and knowledge causes your mind to play out each scene as he recounts story after story.

Mr Goodwin’s first time at Kokoda was memorable and changed the trajectory of his life.

Whilst on the trek, he  was told several times by different people, that he should be a guide.

The depth of  his knowledge on the Kokoda battles were evident to everyone who listened, that something more was going on than what was merely on the surface.

Over the next few years, Mr Goodwin read everything he could get his hands on and it was during this time that he met two notable historian authors, Bill James and Dr Peter Williams.

“I soon began using my GPS data to log in the coordinates of the track, and found some key mistakes on the maps,” Mr Goodwin said.

As a result, some of the maps have had to be changed, and Shane is working alongside Bill James to rectify and mark the correct and true landmarks.

This year an 82 year old farmer, Headley from Orange, joins the team to Kokoda.

Mr Goodwin has a unique relationship with the locals not only whilst on the Kokoda trail, but also in the surrounding villages.

He currently provides laptops and Solar for the Kokoda villagers, making regular visits back and forth during his treks.

For further details on the information night you can contact Shane at Escape Trekking Adventures on Facebook.


By Jewell DRURY

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