Bulahdelah Hospital Auxiliary raise funds for hostpital

Since 1953 the Bulahdelah Hospital Auxiliary have been making home-made products and selling them at street stalls to raise money for the local hospital.

Margaret Mears
Margaret Mears

This tradition is still running strong with Margaret Mears, the Treasurer and PR of the Auxiliary, growing her own produce to make jams, pickles and lemon butter.

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Jeff Carrier with Penny Grace and Kerry Smith, auxiliary members.

The fundraising street stall is held monthly in Stroud Street, Bulahdelah and the last street stall was held on 25 July and within 3 hours of service raised $700.

Over the years, hospital beds have been bought and medical equipment, totalling more than $800,000 in funding.

This goes towards the Bulahdelah Hospital, and more specifically, the Emergency Department, to provide medical items that are needed.

Recently a Temple Thermometer was purchased.

This scans a patient by just waving it across the forehead so that it saves time and distress.

Myall Coast News spoke with Margaret Mears about her fundraising efforts.

“I love fresh produce and grow my own but there are often times that people donate what they have by dropping it over my fence.

I once received seven jam melons which provided many jars of jam to be sold to make money for the hospital.”

There are also Mothers Day and Fathers Day raffles that are organised by Margaret Mears with many items being donated by local businesses.

The Bulahdelah Hospital Auxiliary is now looking to support the Great Lakes Nursing Home as well by giving them the opportunity to hold street stalls on alternating months.

Margaret Mears has been a member of the Auxiliary since 2008 and says that the members of the committee has declined so new and young members are encouraged to join or donate their time and produce if possible.

New England Health is very appreciative of the efforts that the Auxiliary have shown.

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