ADVERTISING FEATURE: TerryWhite Chemmart Coffs Harbour: 30 Years of Dedication to Care

TERRY White Chemists started trading in Park Beach Plaza in November 1993 when Terry White himself purchased the pharmacy from local pharmacist Leyland Cross.

Current owner and north coast local, Tanya Maloney, has been at the helm for the majority of this time-starting as Pharmacist Manager in 1999 and becoming a partner in the business with Terry White in 2004.

Their success story is closely tied to their adaptability and responsiveness to the changing needs of our Coffs Harbour community.

They’ve evolved into a large flagship pharmacy with a broad range of health, wellness, and beauty offerings.

Notably, they were one of the first pharmacies to introduce an automated dispensing robot back in 2009, showcasing their commitment to efficiency and cutting-edge services.

Over the years, the store has undergone substantial transformations.

In 2003 and 2013, they embarked on renovations aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience.

Their goal was to create a more welcoming, modern environment for their valued customers while adapting to evolving needs.

In 2016-2017, they made a significant move by merging with Chemmart, adopting the name TerryWhite Chemmart, and changing their brand color to green. In 2020, Tanya had the privilege to purchase the business from Terry White, marking a new chapter in their history.

Their latest milestone is the introduction of their new CareClinic in 2023, reflecting their dedication to offering an expanded range of health services to the community.

This new addition features four comfortable and private consultation rooms for pharmacist services such as vaccinations, sleep apnoea consultations, diabetes management, medication reviews, health checks and much more
One of the cornerstones of TerryWhite Chemmart Coffs Harbour’s success is their straightforward philosophy: “the people make the difference”.

They have always placed a strong emphasis on having the right team to give the best possible customer service.

Their team of ten pharmacists and 50 pharmacy assistants takes pride in their commitment to high-level customer service, always going the extra mile.

Their enthusiasm and energy contribute to the positivity that radiates throughout the community.

They also place high value on longevity, with fourteen team members serving for over a decade, fostering consistent service and a strong bond between the pharmacy and the community.

Learning and continuous growth are vital aspects of their workplace culture, providing opportunities for ongoing education and development, including university and TAFE programs.

Career development is a significant focus, with a clear path for team members to achieve their career goals.

Effective leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping their workplace culture.

Their management team leads by example, fostering an environment where trust and open communication thrive, evident in their interactions with customers.

In the past year, TerryWhite Chemmart Coffs Harbour achieved remarkable recognition, being named the National TerryWhite Chemmart of the Year, showcasing their commitment to innovation and high-level care and service.

Sarah Ding, the Pharmacist Manager, earned the title of TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacist of the Year, highlighting her expertise and dedication.

This is fantastic for our Coffs Harbour community to have an industry leading pharmacy easily accessible in our regional centre.

As TerryWhite Chemmart Coffs Harbour celebrates 30 years of service, they want to express their heartfelt gratitude to the Coffs community.

From the very beginning, their mission has been to provide healthcare services, expert advice, and a welcoming environment where customers can feel comfortable discussing their health needs.

The growth and evolution of their business have been guided by the feedback, loyalty, and friendship of the community.

Your support has allowed them to become an integral part of this incredible community.

They look forward to many more years of serving you with the same passion and commitment.

They would like to invite you to celebrate in store with them on Thursday 23 November where there will be cake cutting at 11am and specials on the day, including the first 30 customers to spend over $30 receiving a 30th birthday gift bag.

Terry White Chemists traded from November 1993 in Park Beach Plaza.


In the past year, TerryWhite Chemmart Coffs Harbour achieved remarkable recognition, being named the National TerryWhite Chemmart of the Year.

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