Allan Wilson’s horror story about an aged care facility

Myall Coast Entertainers
Myall Coast Entertainers

IN years gone by you didn’t have to look far to find a horror story about an aged care facility, according to Allan Wilson’s research.

An example is the Elder Shelter Care Village which is the scene for the locally written comedy called, ‘Just Do the Best You Can.’

The play begins with residents showing concern about their facilities and the poor treatment that they receive by nursing staff and management. Looking at the conditions of the Village, it is obvious that accreditation standards are not being met.

Hawks Nest First National
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Residents complain about things like meals (nutrition), health care, bullying, cost cutting and being disrespected. However the approach by management is one of conflict and only concerned with profit.

The President of Myall Coast Entertainers, Allan Wilson asks the following questions, “Where will this all end? Will good win over evil, or is everyone doomed?”

“Unfortunately, you will have to wait, until the show starts on 12 October at the Hawks Nest Community Hall, to find out,” Mr Wilson told News Of The Area.

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