Allegra School students immersed in history through ANZAC Community Grant funding

Allegra School students try uniform items from WWI and WWII soldiers.

STUDENTS at Allegra School Coffs Harbour are participating in an educational initiative aimed at deepening their understanding of the sacrifices made by Australian service personnel during World Wars I and II.

As a successful applicant for the prestigious ANZAC Community Grant, the school community is excited about the win in the ‘Local community historical research and education’ category and the learning opportunity it provides students.

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Allegra School is one of 92 recipients across NSW.

The primary objective of the grant is to provide students with a profound learning experience centred on the experience of Australians during WWI and WWII.

“The centrepiece of our educational project made possible by this grant is an immersive field trip to the Frank Partridge War Memorial Museum in Bowraville, where students will engage with the rich history of Australian wartime commemorations and delve into the ANZAC legend,” Mr Aaron Wall, history teacher at Allegra School Coffs Harbour told News Of The Area.

“Aligned with the NSW Stage 5 History Syllabus Depth Study 3, this experience will provide students with invaluable insights into significant events and the experiences of Australian service personnel.”

Following the field trip, students will embark on a collaborative endeavour to research, create and establish an ANZAC military display cabinet within the school.

This cabinet will serve as a tangible tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of those who served, with a focus on key war theatres such as Gallipoli, the Kokoda Track and the Western Front.

“Our aim is not only to educate students about the sacrifices of the ANZACs but also to actively involve them in preserving and commemorating this important legacy,” Mr Wall said.

By curating the display cabinet with a combination of family artefacts and purchased items, students will breathe life into the history of Australian military service.

This hands-on approach not only fosters a deep respect for the ANZAC legacy but also creates valuable educational resources for both students and the broader community.

In preparation for the trip the students have been reading and researching old newspaper reports and historical papers to get a real feeling for the lived experience of times.

Mr Wall said that through this grant-funded project, Allegra School seeks to instil a profound appreciation for the ANZAC legacy and enhance students’ historical understanding.

By offering an immersive museum experience and engaging in hands-on research and curation, the school aims to create a lasting tribute that honours the courage and sacrifice of Australian service personnel.


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