An update on the vaccination rate for Port Stephens

1. Kate Washington MP is one of many Port Stephens locals who have stepped up to get their jab.


RESIDENTS from Port Stephens have been rolling up their sleeves to get vaccinated with an impressive turnout.

As of 3 October, 80.9% of the Port Stephens population has received their first dose and 50.1% are fully vaccinated.

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Postcodes of 2317 and 2316 are currently leading the way in Port Stephens with an impressive average of 90% or over for first dose, with postcodes 2315 and 2295 just behind with 80-89% first dose.

New South Wales is currently the highest vaccinated state or territory with an average of 90% partially vaccinated and 72.75% fully vaccinated, followed by the Australian Capital Territory with figures just under a percentage difference.

There are currently 4.78 million New South Wales residents fully vaccinated and with 5.92 million having received their first dose.

The vaccination gap between young and old has begun to narrow with 12-15 year old’s now eligible to receive a vaccine.

86.5% of the population over 70 are fully vaccinated, followed by an average fully vaccinated rate of 80% for those aged 40-69 years of age.

Vaccine rates are still quite low for those aged 16-39 in NSW, however over 80% of these age groups have received their first vaccination.

As the younger members of our population aged 12-15 have been the last eligible for vaccination, there is a promising statistic of 66.9% first dose, with certainty that shortly this group will reach a safe fully-vaccinated level.

Although these rates are excellent, Dr David Durrheim from Hunter New England Health said the region is still playing catch up and many people will be left vulnerable come ‘freedom day’.

“It’s that second dose that’s lagging way behind and people aren’t really protected adequately until they get their second dose of the vaccine.

“We still need to be very cautious in the local community, even if things lift, we should still be very careful about mask-wearing, social distancing, and making sure we avoid congregated places,” Dr Durrheim said.



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