Myall Coast Community Group Report

The new dingo on the amenities block.


AGAIN, no meetings were held this month, however a number of issues of interest can be reported.

The clinic bus, which is free to the community and operated by volunteers, has reluctantly been forced by Covid to close until 10 Jan 2022.

This is a wonderful service, free to residents (although a donation helps) and we look forward to their resumption.

Our talented and lovely ladies are continuing to show their artistic prowess in adding a dingo to the amenities block adjacent to the Community Hall and adding a fish series to the power poles in the Moira Pde car park.

Keep going ladies, they look great!

The Progress Association (PA), with great input from the U3A, has continued their review of the availability of defibrillators in our area.

There are a number placed in service areas and commercial operators, however there is no ready accessibility on a 24- hour basis.

We must recall that we are the oldest average age in Australia and with the increased demand on our Ambulance Service, it is imperative that a service can be reached in 15 minutes.

The PA has established a sub-committee to investigate the issue and liaise with The NSW Community Defib Group, a non-for-profit organisation who helps to enable vulnerable communities to save lives.

It is anticipated to present the group at the PA’s AGM in December.

The Pool sub-committee has contacted community groups to obtain information as to what facilities should form part of the pool upgrade and is undertaking investigations in relation to the pool condition, before developing an upgrade project plan.

Meanwhile, authorised groups have begun using the pool which will come under YMCA supervision in early December.

The Myall River Action Group has raised concerns over the continued absence of a number of fish species that were common along the waterfront 10 years ago and now absent.

There is some speculation that overfishing in the Lakes and contaminants from land management are contributors.
However, sand inundation into the Lower Myall may prove to be the major culprit.

This appears to be related to the sand loss along Jimmies Beach, and the need to alter the dredging of the natural channel from the current 5-year cycle to 3 years and in so doing, assist Mother Nature in rebuilding Myall Point.

Council has received a study grant to evaluate the system performance, using the Sand Transfer Station to replenish sand on Jimmys Beach.

They need to identify improvement opportunities and optimise the renourishment process.

Findings of the study will also be used to inform the broader Coastal Management Program across the State.

The heralded Pedestrian, Mobility & Bike Plan (PAMP) was unsuccessful in obtaining a Government grant, however Council is committed to providing a pathway in Mirreen Street, linking Peter Sinclair Gardens to the Hawks Nest shopping area.

Discussions are shortly to be held with the Gardens and construction is expected to be completed next year.

Council has advised the concept design for the footpath one way concept on the Singing Bridge is now complete and will incorporate a concrete path, linking to a raised boardwalk under the bridge constructed from recycled plastic.

Council is currently seeking material quotes in order to finalise the costing of the project.

That’s all for this month folks.

Some freedom from next week, but it ain’t over yet , get vaccinated and stay safe.




Power poles in the area have got a new look.


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