Animal Instincts exhibition launches at Stringer Gallery

Pet portrait artist Miranda Smart.

PET portrait artist Miranda Smart is preparing for her inaugural exhibition at Nambucca Heads’ Stringer Gallery.

Launching on Saturday 6 April and running to Saturday 1 June, the ‘Animal Instincts’ exhibition will take you into Miranda’s world, where graphite and charcoal breathe life into beloved companions.

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“As a pet portrait artist, my journey with art has been a winding road of rediscovery and passion,” Miranda said.

“From the earliest moments of my childhood, animals captivated my imagination, becoming the subjects of my sketches and dreams.”

Despite showing promise in high school arts classes, Miranda said a “clash of visions” left her discouraged for nearly fifteen years.

“It took the nudging of a friend combined with a love for my Great Danes to reignite my creative spark,” she said.

Two years ago, she returned to the drawing board, and was swept up in the world of creating pet portraits for people all over the world.

Due to the increasing demand, the Jasper Arts – Pet Portraits business was formed.

“Under the banner of Jasper Arts, I’ve found a calling, crafting lifelike renditions that honour the unique bond between owner and animal.

“Each stroke of my pencil is a testament to the trust placed in me to immortalize cherished companions.

“I have grown with each portrait, learning new skills, and refining my art to a place where I have gained the confidence to take this next step.”

Miranda’s journey comes full circle as she prepares for her upcoming Stringer Gallery exhibition.

“Through graphite and charcoal, I seek to explore the passion, trust, and loyalty of our animal companions, inviting viewers to connect with the soulful gaze of our four-legged friends.

“Join me as I unveil Animal Instincts, an exhibition that celebrates the beauty and companionship found in every creature great and small.”

Graphite and charcoal are used to breathe life into beloved companions.

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