Animal Justice Party Candidate for Port Stephens Speaks Up For The Animals

Theresa Taylor standing for election at the upcoming NSW State election.
Theresa Taylor standing for election at the upcoming NSW State election.


THIS week, News Of The Area contacted the Port Stephens candidate for the 23 March State election, Ms Theresa Taylor.

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Belonging to the still relatively unknown minor party— the Animal Justice Party (AJP) currently has one representative in the NSW Parliament—considers the welfare of animals to be its top priority.

Each candidate in this series of profiles has been asked what they consider to be the three main areas of concern for Port Stephens votes and how, if elected, they will address those issues.

The three issues outlined by Ms Taylor include: the koala population, renewable energy targets, and stronger animal cruelty laws.

Expanding on each of these, Ms Taylor told News Of The Area, “The [stopping of the] extinction of koalas is extremely important in Port Stephens because their habitat is being destroyed for commercial development and logging in native forests.”

“The east coast is the main home for koalas, once their habitat is gone they are extinct.”

“Animal Justice Party is committed to advocating in parliament, stronger laws to protect their homes in order to protect them.”

“Habitat destruction is the leading cause to koala extinction. “

Her second concern, setting a renewable energy target, is important, “In order to safeguard a stable and healthy environment for future generations.”

“Climate change is a serious issue that isn’t being addressed enough in Parliament.”

“Climate change not only affects us but affects wild animals and eco systems.”

Ms Taylor’s third issue is to advocate for stronger animal cruelty laws, telling News Of The Area, “I will establish an enquiry into kangaroo slaughter, banning animals used in circuses and banning cruel puppy farms.”

“I will help farmed animals by pushing for mandatory CCTV cameras in all abattoirs and intensive farms.”

“I will advocate for mandatory shade for all farmed animals and the banning of cruel battery hen cages.”

Ms Taylor said she is motivated to run for parliament “Because animals have no representation in parliament.”

“Laws are made in parliament and because no one is there to give them a voice they have become systematically abused in our society.”

“If AJP can have another seat in the upper house on the cross bench with Mark Pearson, our first elected MP we can strongly push for animal protection laws.”

“I’m running in the election for Australians to have the option to give their vote to the animals.”

“Voting for Animal Justice Party is also best because our core values are always used when making decisions.”

“They are kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence”.

“When presented with human issues in parliament we always adhere to these core ethics.”

How those core values are actualised when dealing with local issues can be seen in answers she gave to local-issue questions.

In response to whether or not the AJP supports a public high school in Medowie, Ms Taylor replied, “If a high school is will help the community and create equality in society which is one of our core values I would support it.”

A similar response was received for issues of increased public transport options and road and traffic problems.

Of the local area, Ms Taylor said, “My favourite place to spend time in Port Stephens is Tomaree Headland and Birubi Point Beach.”

Ms Taylor also added, “I enjoy being in the bush and the ocean, spending time with my grandchildren, creating habitats for wildlife, and growing food especially in community gardens.”


By Heather SHARP

One thought on “Animal Justice Party Candidate for Port Stephens Speaks Up For The Animals

  1. Just a correction on the editorial – the party does not consider the *welfare* of animals to be its top priority, though it is certainly one of our major concerns. The party’s top priority is the *rights* of animals and their protection from harm.

    Katrina Love
    National Vice President
    WA State Convenor

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