Ann Scully is writing again for the Myall Coast NOTA

ANN Scully is back, writing for the Myall Coast News Of The Area (NOTA) newspaper.

Ann Scully
Ann Scully with husband Geoff.

The paper’s Publisher Mick Wright, said, “We recently received some community feedback whereby the NOTA needs to make some changes and improvements.”
“It’s was an easy decision for us. Let’s do it,” he said.

Ann Scully was one of the [new] paper’s Founders after Fairfax closed its doors in 2014.

“She was instrumental in keeping the long-time paper running and ensuring it was not lost forever,” Mr Wright said.

Ms Scully, who built her career in the newspaper industry, spend much of her time where her-heart-kept-her; at the Myall Coast NOTA.

Other improvements you will see in the News Of The Area is the addition of a monthly 4-page section where Community Groups may give its own report.

“It’s a great idea that was suggested to us and it made so much sense,” Mick Wright said.

“All the local Community Groups will have the opportunity to give a brief commentary of its previous month, or outline some items upcoming in future months.”

Of course the paper is still restricted by number of pages it can print, however it is hopeful that with the Community’s support it may be able to secure extra local advertisers which will actually then increase the pages that NOTA can print.

“We plan to offer some very attractive advertising rates to do this,” Mr Wright said.

Mick Wright, News Of The Area Publisher
Mick Wright, News Of The Area Publisher

“If the price is low [enough], then it’s much more sustainable for a business to advertise long-term, as part of its marketing plan.”

You will also see new weekly columnists who will keep the community updated about key issues, topics and initiatives.

NOTA is also looking for an addition Reporter to submit local news and stories. Please make contact if you feel you are suited.

For further feedback or involvement please phone or email us:

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