Cr Len Roberts starts defamation proceedings

Cr Len Roberts has issued “Concerns Notices” under the Defamation Act against a number of people and organisations which he claims have defamed him.

The notices refer to articles published in the Manning Community News and various Facebook pages and posts.

Cr Roberts is seeking any unlawful defamatory publication or communication to cease, the removal of any offensive material, the publishing of a full apology and compensation for the expense and harm already caused.

Cr Roberts is represented by Bromhead Legal in making this stand against malicious and hurtful comment in public debate.

Solicitor Greg McInnes argues that Cr Roberts has served his community with integrity for many years, and agrees the need to prevent others becoming the target of such attacks.

Len Roberts
Len Roberts

“Publishers need to take responsibility for the cruel, damaging and malicious comments they allow to be carried in their publications.

“We have a very strong case and recent court judgments have come down heavily upon reckless publications and irresponsible social media posts,” said Mr McInnes.

Cr Roberts has drawn comparisons with the ugly attacks made on social media against a Gloucester Dog Pound business, which was recently forced to close after providing a service to that local community for 15 years.

“I hope that by taking this strong approach against social media trolls and unregulated publishers, I can prevent another family suffering the kind of abuse that my family has had to endure,” said Cr Roberts.

 “Enough is enough.”

 “I believe the perpetrators are acting like cowards and that we are striking back for those without a voice,” said Cr Roberts.

 “I will continue to take the necessary legal steps to protect and restore my reputation in the community I have served for many years.”

 I would like to thank the many people who have supported me through this difficult time and who knew that the truth would eventually come out.”

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