Anti-racism campaigner Peter Alzer completes 2048 km ‘Stamp Out Racism’ journey

Peter Elzer, the Stamp Out Racism campaigner from Coffs Harbour, completes his 2048km walk from Melbourne to Seventeen Seventy in Queendsland.

ANTI-RACISM campaigner Peter Elzer has completed a 2048 kilometre walking journey from Melbourne to Seventeen Seventy in Queensland.

Crossing the finish line on Monday 24 April, Peter is now looking forward to returning home to Coffs Harbour to start work on creating a documentary of his ‘Stamp Out Racism’ journey.

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“I’m really interested in the visual and technical components of putting different media together, audio and visual, to make a doco.”

He’s quick to say, it will be his own “amateur home-made doco”, but he has reams of footage and “using the amazing technology that’s available today”, he’s keen to get started with the creative process of a permanent record of his unique journey.

With the 101-day walk completed precisely on time, Peter is reflecting on how the ‘Racism Not Welcome’ message blossomed as he gathered momentum having left Melbourne on 23 December 2022.

“I’m satisfied with what I achieved; I didn’t have huge expectations but then it started to blossom and I began to connect with a lot more people, challenging many to face their own prejudices along the way,” Peter told News Of The Area.

“But as Craig Foster (Australian retired soccer player, human rights activist and sports analyst) says, ‘when we have sparks they form debate’.”

As much as the time on the road demanded physical strength, the mental pressures manifested as his “mind playing tricks” on him “during the long, hot boring bits”.

Phone calls and texts from friends, followers and the media, along with messages and debates on his Facebook page kept him going and brought him back on track through challenging times.

For the final stage, Peter was joined by his friend Susan and daughter Mieke and her partner Finn, walking from Agnes Water into Seventeen Seventy to be greeted by cheers and beers.

Winding down at home in Coffs Harbour from Wednesday, Peter is looking forward to treating himself to a trip to Brisbane for Rugby League’s three-day Magic Round bonanza.

“It’s a unique Australian thing; all nationalities attend, and all get on with each other, it’s a real carnival atmosphere.”

To keep in touch with Peter Elzer’s Racism Not Welcome campaign, follow his Stamp Out Racism Facebook page.


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