Ashlie Stapleton, Young cricket star on the rise

Eleven-year-old Ashlie Stapleton has a love for the game.
Eleven-year-old Ashlie Stapleton has a love for the game.

When it comes to summer in Australia, the game of cricket is second to none

In recent times, Women’s Cricket has enjoyed some much-deserved publicity.

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In fact, the WBBL is being televised on free-to-air television this season.

This kind of exposure is sure to make an impact on the many young girls who would like to emulate some of the stars they are now watching on television.

One such youngster is 11-year-old Ashlie Stapleton.

Ashlie started playing cricket as a nine-year-old with the Medowie Cricket Club and has loved every minute of it.

Ashlie is also a talented player.

Ashlie is a member of the Newcoasters team in the state-wide Mollie Dive Cup competition.

Making the Newcoasters team is a great achievement in that the team is made up of players from both the Newcastle and Central Coast regions.

Only last week, Ashlie and her teammates competed in the Ron Arendts Memorial shield, a four-day competition that has been held in Newcastle since 2007.

Outside of the Newcoasters, Ashlie was also selected in the Hunter region team to play in the PSSA (Primary Schools Sports Association) state competition last year.

It’s no secret, Ashlie loves cricket. But there is a little more to it than that.

Ashlie told News Of The Area, “I love cricket because when you play it, even when you have a great game, there’s always something to improve on.”

“I love working in a team with my friends to have the best game possible.

“I love training just as much as I love playing and I am lucky to have great coaches in all the teams I play in,” Ashlie said.

With an attitude like that, we may well see Ashlie in the WBBL one day.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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