Backroads to Bulldust – Trevor Ballangarry running for Nambucca Valley Council

Mr Trevor Ballangarry is a candidate in the December 4 Local Government Elections.


TREVOR Ballangarry is a proud Gumbynggirr man from Yarranbella, and has announced his intentions to run as an independent candidate for the Nambucca Valley Council in the December 4 elections.

“I was born and raised in the Nambucca Valley, and I’m glad to be back for good, and pleased to serve my community in meaningful ways,” said Trevor.

Mr Ballangarry hopes to bring a fresh voice to the Nambucca area.

Travelling many kilometres of dirt road between home and the nearest sealed road, Mr Ballangarry shares the frustrations of those who live on dirt roads.

His slogan is ‘Backroads and Bulldust’ and his focus as a Councillor will include improving rural roads, employment, and business.

His commitment is to contribute to family security through job creation and support for local business.

The push for greater legislation for intensive farming concerns Mr Ballangarry, specifically the blueberry industry, and he feels that more regulation just makes things harder for everyone.

“What’s needed is for existing government bodies to effectively use the powers they already have to control the issues that concern people.

“If we let intensive farming be made into a scapegoat that results in more legislation, that legislation could then be detrimental to our other primary industry and cost our Valley jobs,” he said.

Mr Ballangarry has worked in local government in Queensland as a master plumber for nearly forty years, and understands how local governments work.

“In Queensland I worked with the local government in sewerage and water management, and dealing with developers, this has given me an insight in how local governments work,” said Mr Ballangarry.

During his Queensland years Mr Ballangarry regularly travelled back to the Nambucca Valley to ensure the continuing protection of important cultural sites.

His cultural training has given him a deep and ongoing commitment to Country.

He has a diverse knowledge of natural resources and traditional land management.

As a board member of a diverse group of community organisations, he works actively for the community, and has been a role model, mentor and sporting coach throughout his life.

Mr Ballangarry said, “I recently became the Director of The Community Transport Company.

“This is a not-for-profit organisation giving independence to those without transport.

“I am so pleased to have been welcomed to the Board, people need services that meet actual needs and I am very much a hands-on person.”

Mr Ballangarry feels strongly that the local government needs to give families the security of regular employment so they can buy homes, and grow our community.

“We need to create career opportunities for our young people so they don’t move away.

“We need to encourage and support businesses, attract investment, and fix our back roads so we can put an end to the bulldust,” said Mr Ballangarry.



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