Boambee Creek footbridge to be fully replaced

The beloved Boambee Creek rail line and footbridge.

A BRAND spanking new rail footbridge across Boambee Creek will be in place by July 2024.

Requiring major repairs, the ageing infrastructure provides much-used pedestrian access from Sawtell to the southern end of Boambee Beach.

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Having investigated a scope of works that would have included replacement of wind bracing and some of the pier supports, roof sheeting and stringers, it was anticipated that the life of the footbridge would be extended by ten to fifteen years.

An alternative proposal to completely replace and fabricate a new footbridge offsite was identified by City of Coffs Harbour (CoCH) as a better value option, with a design life of 25 to 25 years.

This sees the old footbridge removed and the installation of a new structure featuring galvanised members with fibre-reinforced plastic decking.

With the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) planning to repair the track in February 2024, the organisation worked with CoCH to complete the works in tandem.

At its meeting on 8 February, CoCH approved a proposal for the City to enter into an agreement with ARTC to replace the footbridge.

ARTC started work on Monday 12 February.

The footbridge works fall within the City’s budgeted allowance of $657,373.

“We have worked with Council to combine these works in order to minimise impact to the community,” a spokesperson for ARTC told News Of The Area.

Work is being undertaken in a staged approach.

It’s Stage 2 that the community is most interested in, seeing the patched old footbridge tunnel being renewed, not repaired.

“Stage 2 works, which involve the complete removal and replacement of the council owned pedestrian footbridge, are expected to be completed in July 2024, subject to weather impacts and construction conditions,” said the spokesperson.

A total closure to the pedestrian bridge at this stage means no access at all times.

Stage 1 works commenced this week, starting 12 February, and are anticipated to be completed in April 2024, subject to weather impacts and construction conditions.

These works will be undertaken on weekdays between 6am and 6pm and include scaffolding and repairs to the rail bridge’s southern and northern spans and eastern side girders.

Due to the nature of these works, the pedestrian footbridge will be closed during work times.

“There will be machinery on site, which will generate some noise and dust,” said the ARTC spokesperson.

“Our crews have taken steps to minimise noise and dust as much as possible.”

While these works are underway, the pedestrian bridge and the walkway between Boambee Headland car park and Boambee Bay Reserve will be closed.

Access to Boambee Bay Reserve from the Headland car park will remain available from Sawtell Road at all times.

Trains, including NSW TrainLink passenger services, will continue to operate during these works.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the ARTC Enviroline on 1300 550 402 or


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