Boambee Headland water towers to be demolished

Boambee Headland’s towers have had their day.

BOAMBEE Headland‘s old water towers will be demolished, and a new community open space is to be created on the site.

Deemed as surplus to requirements, the old reservoirs have served their purpose.

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Constructed in 1954 and 1973 to supply water to Sawtell, they were in use until late 2021.

Reservoirs at Toormina have been in service since 1990 and service both the Toormina/Boambee East and Sawtell areas.

“These towers have been part of the headland since well before my time and have always been an eyesore, although a very useful one,” said Barry Powells, President of Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare, which tends to the regeneration and care of the plants on the headland.

“There are many different bird species to be found on this headland, including Glossy Black-Cockatoos, and the removal of the tanks will hopefully go a small way to improving the local habitat for them,” Barry told News Of The Area.

“Should local plant species be used, the local Landcare group would be prepared to help maintain it into the future to further enhance the natural environment and make it more appealing for both wildlife and people.”

Three fifteen-metre single pole communications towers will be erected at the site to accommodate the existing Telco telecommunications equipment, including equipment for the City of Coffs Harbour, attached to Reservoir No.2.

The demolition of Reservoir No.1 is proposed for this financial year, subject to an Aboriginal Heritage Investigation Permit (AHIP).

The removal of this reservoir will then allow safe access to the site before the proposed communications towers are installed.

Once the existing communications infrastructure is transferred to the new towers, Reservoir No.2 will be demolished.

The footprint of the old reservoirs will then be restored as a green recreational space for the benefit of the community.

While demolition works are in progress, parking, local amenity and traffic conditions will be subject to some temporary changes.


Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare volunteers along with Coastal Works working on Boambee Headland regeneration earlier this year.

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