Boomerang Park Reprieve Almost Over

Community Members are keen to save historic Boomerang Park from Development.
Community Members are keen to save historic Boomerang Park from Development.


SOME are wondering what the real benefit of the postponement of Council’s decision about the potential residential development for older people in Boomerang Park will achieve.

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Councillor Le Mottee told News Of The Area, “The report was included in the business paper without any prior knowledge of the Councillors. Normally a briefing session would be held before including anything like that in the business paper.”

“As far as I was concerned at the time when this first came up, it was never about making money for Council, it was about finding somewhere for seniors living as close as possible to the CBD.”

The community can rest easy to some extent about a proposed development as, “The resolution of Council was NOT a resolution to proceed with the proposal to rezone part of Boomerang Park, it was to put it on hold for 3 months while other options are investigated.”

There are other factors at play regarding the proposed development for Boomerang Park, including considering other sites like the current Raymond Terrace Council Depot.

He also believes that the proposed development needs to be considered in the context of the Raymond Terrace Heatherbrae Strategy before deciding whether or not to proceed with the planning proposal at Boomerang Park.

“I iterate and reiterate that Council’s resolution, simply put that matter on hold for 3 months; it did not progress the matter in way, cost the rate payers any money or tie up any staff resources,” he said.

Councillor Arnott is opposed to the proposed development, he said, “The people of Raymond Terrace have been very loud and consistent in demanding that Boomerang Park be saved from rezoning, subdivision, sale and development.

“I look forward to continuing to support the people of Raymond Terrace, and continuing to support the ongoing existence of a historically, culturally and environmentally important part of our town,” he said.

One thing is certain we have not heard the last about the future of Boomerang Park and a seniors development.



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