Bulky waste: time it right or risk a fine

IT’S that time of the year again when the MidCoast region gears up for the yearly bulky waste collection.

Before you run out and leave your unwanted waste on your kerb, it’s important to double and triple check the collection dates and other details.

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You can do this by keeping an eye out for the brochure in your letterbox which will explain collection dates, acceptable items and how to sort it.

Rubbish left on the streets for prolonged periods of time can cause health and safety issues for the neighbourhood, not to mention becoming unsightly and unattractive.

MidCoast Council Waste Manager David Rees said it was important for residents to time it right.

“As soon as bulky waste collection is mentioned some people race to put their waste out and as a result it can sit there for months before it’s picked up,” he said.

“No one wants to see rubbish sitting around their neighbourhood for a long period of time.

“So the message from us is to make sure you double check when your collection date is and put it out the weekend before that.”

Collection dates

Manning collections: 26 Feb – 8 May

Gloucester collections: 6 – 10 May

Great Lakes collections: 13 May – 28 June

Key details
● Waste must be sorted into two piles – whitegoods and metal, general waste.
● There are restrictions on what items will be accepted.
● For safety reasons there are size and weight limits on what will be collected.
● Householder’s responsibility to remove rejected items from the kerb.
● Mattresses will not be accepted, but can be dropped off for free at your nearest WMC while the collection is taking place in your zone (limit two mattresses, or one mattress and one bed base).
● Use the search function on our website to find out when your collection will take place.
More information can be found at www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/bulkywaste

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