Surf’s up, boots on: Twin Brothers ride the six-a-side soccer wave

Football has become a family affair for dynamic duo Twins Ethan and Samuel Penny.

TWINS Samuel and Ethan Penny have traded their surfboards for football boots, diving into their inaugural year on the football pitch.

Football has swiftly become a family affair for the dynamic duo, who rallied their cousins and friends to form a mixed six-a-side football team.

“It’s been a year since we established Victorious Secrets, our soccer squad, and the journey has been fun,” shared Ethan Penny.

“While our track record might not scream ‘champions’, the camaraderie and fun we share as a mixed team make every Wednesday night match a blast.”

Transitioning from the waves to the turf has brought about a fresh adrenaline rush for the twins.

“Surfing is electrifying, but this new land-based adventure is something we’re all embracing,” added Samuel.

Their campaign at Coffs Harbour’s Synthetic fields has been a mix of triumphs and learning curves.

“We may not always clinch a spot on the podium, but there’s no shortage of memorable moments,” chuckled Ethan.

“We’ve gleaned invaluable insights from the seasoned players among us, who honed their football skills in their school days – just like regular folks.”

North Coast Football General Manager Duncan Marchant said six-a-side is a great entry point to play football.

“The mixed competition is all about having fun, it’s a great entry point for new players due to the social nature.

“Six-a-side is played on a smaller pitch which means you are involved in the game and the players get more touches.

“It’s also an opportunity for seasoned players to train in the off-season and some teams use it as a training run for eleven-a-side,” Marchant said.


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