Celebrating Nurses on International Nurses Day

Kristie Spark with fellow colleagues Michelle Wong and Kim Toomey.
Kristie Spark with fellow colleagues Michelle Wong and Kim Toomey.


INTERNATIONAL Nurses Day, held on 12 May, acknowledges the vital, though often undervalued, work carried out by nurses in many facets of the medical profession.

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The day coincides with the birthday anniversary of social reformer Florence Nightingale, the influential founder of modern nursing.

Kristie Spark will celebrate the day with her nursing colleagues.

“The hospital supplies us with lunch and dinner to thank us for our hard work,” she said.

Kristie has been nursing for 15 years and emphasises the importance of teamwork to the profession.

“The most rewarding part is being able to be part of a team where we all have the same goal,” she said.

“Seeing someone ill and then knowing you had a little something to do with making them better is a fabulous feeling.”

The stereotypes in nursing unfortunately still exist, but the occupation is far more than a supplementary care role.

Nurses work in consultation with a range of health care professionals, train undergraduate nursing students, and supervise postgraduate nurses.

They also gain accreditation in specialisations and coordinate care as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Kristie told News Of The Area that the biggest misconception is that nurses automatically know what to do in every situation when caring for patients.

“We are still learning every day, and the doctors and other staff are continuing to inform us on new procedures and new and improved ways to give our patients the best care,” she said.

For Kristie, a holistic approach that combines skills with personal qualities is an essential prerequisite to the demands of nursing.

“Ultimately, I believe you need compassion. When you show a patient compassion, they are at ease and have trust in you, which assists in their recovery,” she said.

“You really need to be kind, understanding, and always ready to listen to a patient.”



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