The Sibert Daughters: Gifts of a Lifetime

Happy Mother’s Day: Lily and Katelyn Sibert with their loving mum, Leanne.
Happy Mother’s Day: Lily and Katelyn Sibert with their loving mum, Leanne.


LEANNE Sibert doesn’t need presents for Mother’s Day to make her feel special, as her two adopted daughters, Lily and Katelyn, are gifts of a lifetime.

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Like all parents, Leanne and her husband, Dave, have many precious memories of their baby girls who clung to them, the toddlers they chased, and the joys of adolescence.

Leanne said Lily became part of their family when she was just a few weeks old, and Katelyn was welcomed three years later.

“The happiest days of my life were when we adopted the girls,” Leanne told News Of The Area.

“I am very blessed to have my two daughters, and I am very happy that Dave and I have been able to enjoy the life that we have had with them.”

Katelyn said although she has had contact with her birth mother, she regards Leanne as her mum, “and it will always be that way”.

“I have been with her since I was six months old, she is a lovely lady and I am so grateful to be able to call her mum,” Katelyn said.

“She has given up so much for me, and I will always love her.”

Katelyn said she has never considered herself adopted, as she has always been “part of such a loving family”.

“My life wouldn’t be what it is today if I had been cared for by anyone else,” she said.

Mother’s Day will be celebrated this Sunday, and although the special day isn’t the same for every mother or every family, Katelyn said it is the gratitude and love shown that is important.

“No matter what plans you have to show you care on Mother’s Day, the message is always the same, thanks Mum, I love you,” Katelyn said.



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