Citizen of the Year nominee Gordon Grainger

Gordon Grainger of Tea Gardens has been nominated for the Citizen of the Year award.

Tea Gardens Citizen of Year nominee
Gordon Grainger

For the past six years, he has been tirelessly campaigning for the dredging of the Myall River.

Throughout this time he has made a significant contribution to the community in regard to the health of the Myall River.

He formed the Myall River Action Group to liaise with council and state and federal governments.

“As concerned residents we have been observing the changes in the river and the potential effects it could have on tourism as well as the destruction of the oyster industry,” he said.

Gordon, who first formed a connection with Tea Gardens when he was just 15, said he remembers the days when you could see to the bottom of the river.

“You could see the blackfish, bream and butterfish as you walked along the waterfront,” he recalls.

“We want it returned to this oceanic state rather than the estuary condition it is in now.”

Throughout all of his campaigning Gordon has given freely of his time and his home.

The dredging has been scheduled for this year but Gordon said he won’t be celebrating “until the dredge is in the river.”

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