Coffs Harbour ballerinas gifted trips to see the Australian Ballet in Sydney

Harbour Performing Arts Centre student Isla Taylor attended The Dream and Marquette/Armand in November.

TWO hard-working ballet students at Harbour Performing Arts Centre (HPAC) have recently attended performances by the Australian Ballet at the Sydney Opera House.

Young ballerinas, Isla Taylor and Indy Pike, were gifted the trips by Patron Mark Hardy, and chosen by the teachers in recognition of the students’ strong work ethic.

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Isla attended The Dream and Marguerite/Armand.

“This was a great opportunity for me to attend the ballet at the Sydney Opera House,” Isla told News Of The Area.

“Seeing the experience of seeing the ballet was nothing short of magical.

“It was a wonderful experience being able to witness the atmosphere created by the live orchestra, beautiful stage backgrounds and elegant dancers.

“I was inspired by the beautiful lines created by the dancers and how soft and effortless they looked while performing,” she said.

On her return she was thrilled to be able to tell HPAC’s Miss Fran about her ballet experience.

“Thank you everyone that made this possible for me; it was a truly inspiring and unforgettable evening.”

Indy Pike attended the ballet Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.

“Swan Lake is arguably the greatest of all romantic ballets and one of the best works of Tchaikovsky,” Indy said.

“To Miss Fran and the teachers at HPAC that selected me to attend Swan Lake, thank you.

“The Australian ballet performance, Swan Lake, was a very memorable experience I was fortunate enough to attend.
“The dancers were so amazing and very technical.

“It was a wonderful performance and it really captivated and inspired me to experiment more throughout my classical and ballet dances.

“They were so precise and really cared about what they were performing.”

Indy said the swans and the white tutus were stunning on stage and took the audience’s breath away.

“The Orchestra really added to the atmosphere and synchronised nicely with the choreography.”

Indy thoroughly enjoyed both the performance and a chance for some sightseeing while in Sydney.

Both girls thanked their mothers for taking them to Sydney and are now excitedly sharing their experiences with friends at HPAC and their family.


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