Coffs Harbour residential areas missing out on footpath funding

Pedestrians have to walk along the grass verges or on the road along this part of Beryl Street, Coffs Harbour.

“WHERE are our pathways?”

This is the question on the lips of residents who live in and around Beryl Street, Mackays Road and Frances Street in Coffs Harbour.

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Over the years, long-time Beryl Street resident Anne has submitted requests to City of Coffs Harbour (CoCH) for the residential area near her home to receive footpaths.

“I’ve alerted Council to this issue twice over the years,” Anne told News Of The Area.

“One response a few years ago said they received grants to do the path near the police station and that they allocate funding based on need.

“So, when they get more grant money they will build where there is priority.”

Anne, who now has a young child, claims the lack of footpaths along the area’s roads are creating dangerous conditions for walkers.

“Along the west end of Beryl Street, Mackays Road and the majority of Frances Street, pedestrians face danger in the absence of footpaths,” she said.

“These roads have significant traffic loads and also have curbside parking.”

Anne said the absence of pathways leaves pedestrians with no option but to walk on the busy road, sometimes around parked cars, or along a rough, uneven verge which presents multiple trip hazards.

“I see families with young children in prams having to walk on the road near traffic because the verge presents so many trip hazards,” she said.

“Elderly and disabled pedestrians, especially those in mobility scooters, also face the same danger.”

Anne is calling on Council to review priorities for grant funding and re-assess the need of Beryl Street, Frances Street and Mackays Road.

“Residents of this area would like pathways so we can walk in our local area safely,” she said.

A City of Coffs Harbour spokesperson told NOTA, “Footpaths along the western end of Beryl Street (Joyce Street to Mackays Road), Mackays Road (between Beryl Street and Bray Street) and Frances Street are not scheduled in the current delivery program.

“The City will continue to explore additional funding sources/grants to facilitate footpath works in the local government area (LGA) such as these locations.

“The City is also developing an active transport plan which will see a review of priorities across the LGA.”


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