Corlette residents left with wet feet

Residents say the footpath that adjoins the Corlette Community Hall is in need of repair to provide suitable access.

RESIDENTS Around Corlette are seeing red over what they believe are long overdue repairs and maintenance to footpaths.

Corlette resident and former Port Stephens Councillor Brian Watson-Will told News Of The Area, “The footpath access adjacent to Corlette Community Hall is regularly subject to flooding.

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“At times it is now under water with a depth of five millimetres over a length of 30 metres of the path.”

Brian noted that the original request for the footpath to be maintained was submitted to Council over three years ago and again in May 2022.

“Please get our footpaths priorities correct instead of non-urgent works,” Brian said.

A Port Stephens Council spokesperson told News Of The Area that pathway inspections are undertaken periodically across the local government area to capture all defects.

“Repair works are prioritised based on risk and the type of defect,” they said.

“Generally higher use pedestrian areas, which includes CBDs, schools, aged care and child care facilities receive a higher level of service.

“When repairs are undertaken, it’s generally to isolated, individual sections, rather than full pathway replacement.

“If members of the public have concerns about paths that need repair, they can lodge a report via our new report, request and apply portal on our website, selecting the roadside maintenance request tile:

“By reporting an issue this way, Council can pinpoint exactly where the issues are and the request goes directly to the team that needs to do the work,” they said.


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