Diggers and Drummers join to commemorate ANZAC Day


Beau Bramble, Aiden Ferguson and Robbie Nolan from Hunter ANZAC Drum Crew on parade at Fort Scratchley.
Beau Bramble, Aiden Ferguson and Robbie Nolan from Hunter ANZAC Drum Crew on parade at Fort Scratchley.

SCHOOL of Rock drummers and ANZAC Diggers may seem like an unlikely combination, but Craig “Rosie” Rosevear has once again led his music school charges in a drumming performance for the ANZAC Day march.

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In 2008, the Lambton/New Lambton RSL Sub-Branch faced the dilemma of not having a band for ANZAC Day.

Principal of Rosie’s School of Rock, Craig Rosevear, was approached by ABC Radio and took up the challenge to “do something with drums”.

He gathered his music students to support the ANZAC Day commemoration and a new tradition was born, with members of the Drum Crew participating in the event every year since.

Craig is a talented musician best known for his role with the legendary Australian rock band The Screaming Jets.

The drumming performance for ANZAC Day was called ‘Stick With It’.

With Craig’s expertise and guidance, the young drummers mastered their marching and performance skills in the lead up to the big day.

Craig said the event encouraged different generations to join together for an occasion steeped in tradition and honour.

“It is a great way to connect with what ANZAC Day is about,” he said.

“It allows young people to spend time with an older generation and be part of an Australian tradition.”

Beau Bramble from Anna Bay is a member of the Hunter ANZAC Drum Crew and said he was grateful to be able to participate in the ANZAC Day Service.

He said it was important to respect the past and preserve the drumming tradition.

“On ANZAC Day we are marching to commemorate the fallen soldiers of wars past and present,” Beau said.

“Drummers were an integral part of the war effort as various drum rolls were used to signal different commands and the Drum Corps is still relevant today,” Beau told News Of The Area.


he Hunter ANZAC Drum Crew.
The Hunter ANZAC Drum Crew.

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