Dingo Danger in Jimmy’s Beach

Wild dingoes resting in the afternoon sun while beachgoers play 200m away


TWO women have been confronted by a pack of Dingoes on Jimmy’s Beach on an evening walk with their dog.

The pack of wild dogs in the area have grown increasingly fearless after being fed by visitors at the nearby caravan park.

This ongoing problem has previously resulted in the euthanasia of one dingo which snatched a backpack from sunbathing tourists in 2015.

But the dingoes have now become so fearless that when Courtney Webb and her mother Jann took their dog for a walk on a Tuesday evening, four dingoes approached, with teeth bared.

Only 100m from the caravan park entrance to the beach, the snarling dingoes crept closer while the women yelled at the dogs to no avail.

“They were only five or seven metres away from me,” Courtney said.

“Mum and I were screaming at the dingoes, I was kicking sand,” she said.

They gradually retreated back into the dunes but followed close behind as the women took their dog back towards the track.

Courtney believes that “feeding the dingoes has created this problem, and while they have always been curious, this time they seemed unafraid of humans.”

“We have reported the incident to the police, the council and Jimmys Beach Caravan Park,” she said.

The police will now take the report to NSW National Parks who will put up more signage to deter visitors from feeding the wild dogs.




Paw prints leading to the resting pair

6 thoughts on “Dingo Danger in Jimmy’s Beach

    1. Get serious, if the dogs have lost their fear of humans, it’s only a matter of time before they start killing children. They need to be culled now.

  1. I had a similar very frightening encounter with those dingoes (2) when I was walking my dog along Jimmy’s beach at dawn last November. I did report it to the local Council office. These particular dogs are feral, hungry and dangerous hunters. I don’t believe a sign to stop feeding them will change much. I also think its a pity that they are now entrenched down there when everyone was so excited about the return of the migratory seabirds to the isthmus, a few years ago.

    1. Ive just had a similar encounter with the pack of 6 dogs. I was walking along the road and crossed to the other side to give them space but their leader came forward and was very aggressive, barring teeth and growling etc. i turned and walked around the other way and they followed me for a bit. I also don’t think a sign is efficient. That lead dog was clear that that was his/her area and i wasn’t to go further. Took a short video but very wobbly and the dingoes are specks in it.

  2. We stayed at Jimmy’s Beach Caravan park several months ago we took our dog but after only 1 night I had to drive my dog home because we were scared of the dingoes attacking her as every time we took her out they were lurking around growling in the middle of the caravan park they weren’t shy around people at all. Scary part is they seem to be set up right behind the kids playground I wouldn’t let little kids there alone, one morning they got a bin and shredded it all under kids playground. They need to be relocated as they will attack someone soon.

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