Lions and Probus Members Donate to SES

Port Stephens SES Team members showing how the cribbing works.


THERE are many groups doing good locally and the SES are the people who don their high vis gear, and walk out the door to help us when we are all locking ourselves inside, they are the ones climbing on roofs during storms and helping at roadside accidents.

They brave storms and floods and attend motor vehicle accidents.

They cut down fallen trees and clear our roads, and they do it all as volunteers.

The now defunct Raymond Terrace Ladies Probus Club used their final funds and banded together with the Raymond Terrace Lions Club to purchase the latest load rated Rescue Cribbing for rapid stabilisation of crashed vehicles to assist Port Stephens SES Rescue Unit.

These plastic blocks of various shapes and sizes are superior to the previously used timber blocks which become slippery in wet weather.

The Raymond Terrace Lions Club and the Ladies Probus Club held a meeting at the Port Stephens SES Rescue Unit to observe the use of new stabilisation blocks used by Port Stephens SES Rescue in their road crash rescue work they undertake across Port Stephens.

The Port Stephens SES have been providing Rescue services to Port Stephens for 50 years, having commenced in 1970 and have 3 Rescue trucks (light Rescue, Medium Rescue and Heavy Rescue) manned and available 24 hours per day 365 days per year in support of our community.

David Cockbain, spokesman for the SES Rescue Unit said, “The donation of this equipment to our busy SES Unit could not have come at a better time as this is the busiest time of the year for our unit and will enhance the safety of both our Rescue operators, Ambulance Paramedics and patients.

“On behalf of the NSW SES we thank you for your commitment to our community.”

“At the time of publication, as the State Rescue Board accredited General Land Rescue Unit for the area, Port Stephens SES have responded to 37 Rescues and persons trapped in motor vehicle accidents this year and are extremely grateful for such an asset which is essentially life changing.”

SES Commander Bruce Gendre thanked both groups for their ongoing support in providing such advanced life-saving equipment and Lions support to Port Stephens SES Rescue for many many years.

Lion President Kate Moore told News Of The Area, “This is what we as a Lions Club do – we provide support for our community and groups who do an excellent job in support of our community like Port Stephens SES.

“Who knows one day it could be our members, friends or family and that equipment could save their life,” she said.

The Lions and Raymond Terrace Ladies Probus Club couldn’t have given their local SES units a better Christmas present.

When you donate to the Lions 100% of all Lions’ fundraising goes back into the communities they serve.



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