Don a Red Nose Face Mask for Red Nose Day

Purchase a Red Nose Face Mask to mark Red Nose Day today.


LOCALS can help keep COVID-19 at bay and mark Red Nose Day today by purchasing a Red Nose Day Face Mask, complete with a red nose.

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In Australia, nine children still die suddenly and unexpectedly every day as a result of stillbirth, SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents.

That’s more than 3,000 babies and young children every year, more than double the national road toll.

All proceeds from the sale of the face masks go to Red Nose funded research, safe sleep education and grief and loss support services for grieving families.

The Red Nose Day Face Masks are made of cotton, contain three layers and are reusable.

They cost $15 and can be purchased from

This year’s fundraising target for Red Nose Day is $500,000.



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