Dr Olga Tilligerry Medical Centre is passing the baton

Dr Olga: “I like to put something back.”
Dr Olga: “I like to put something back.”


TRY pronouncing this name: ‘Pylypyak’.

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If you can’t you are not alone, indeed nobody on the Tilligerry peninsula can say it either!

That’s why this medico is simply known as ‘Dr Olga’

She graduated from university in the Ukraine (Russia) with honours some 40 years ago and had extensive medical experience in Europe.

The prospect of living in a warmer climate drew her to Australia where she worked in Sydney and Forster before practising at Tilligerry Medical Centre, Tanilba Bay eleven years ago.

She is a General Practitioner and has retrained as a specialist in the diagnosis and removal of skin cancers.

“I like to put something back, so I act as a mentor for the next generation of doctors,” she said.

“I’m only too happy to pass on my surgical skills and diagnostic techniques to fifth year medical students.”

“They come for a couple of weeks at a time and rotate with other practices to broaden their knowledge,” Dr Pylypyak said.

“It really is quite rewarding.”

Dr Pylypyak is also keen to work with residents with weight problems.

“It’s matter of education, diet and exercise,” she said.

“We aim for a one kilogram reduction per week. I was particularly pleased with one client who shed 50kg,” Dr Pylypyak told News Of The Area.



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