Easter children at Tea Gardens

Easter in Tea Gardens was celebrated by local kids at the two Pre-schools and the Primary school with great enthusiasm.

On a whirlwind tour of the area this writer has seen firsthand the joy of Easter on the faces of children as they enjoyed the day before the School Holidays.

Starting the morning at Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Preschool Director Judy Clarke led her charges on their annual walk to visit Peter Sinclair Gardens.

Once there, the children sang for the residents bringing a smile to the faces of all concerned with the room echoing to renditions of  ‘Peter Rabbit’ and ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’.

The children then presented residents with beautiful hand crafted artworks which were gratefully accepted.

Judy said, “We are always pleased to be invited to Peter Sinclair Gardens and the visit shows a sense of caring in our community. The kids love their time here and the residents really enjoy seeing the little ones with a smile on their faces.”

Then the excited squealing began as the kids were led out to the main garden area for an Easter Egg Hunt that saw a huge basket of eggs collected.

Peter Sinclair Gardens Manager Kay deMestre added, “The residents love seeing the kids and their presence really does brighten their lives and puts a spring in their step.”

Onward to Tea Gardens Public School where Kindergarten and years 1 and 2 students took part in the annual Easter Bonnet Parade.

A crowd of onlookers saw a sea of colour and glamour as the students paraded their Easter headwear each one smiling with anticipation as they wait for the Easter Bunny to visit on Sunday.

Teachers and students alike wore a smile that only an upcoming holiday can bring.

Principal Mark Clemson said “The stage 1 teachers put so much work into the parade and it shows in the quality of the hats and the smiles on the faces of everyone attending today.”

A hop and a skip up to Brighter Beginnings Early Learning Centre in Coupland Ave and low and behold, here he was large as life, yes folks the Easter Bunny was in town.

Director and proprietor Narineh Siakos said ”Today was all about celebrating Easter with Easter stories, songs and craftwork, finishing off with an Easter Egg Hunt.”

This was no ordinary hunt led by a life size happy hopping Easter Bunny, through the garden they all frolicked with no end of eggs to be found.

Once more the joyful squealing of children could be heard as they excitedly picked up egg after egg putting them into their baskets.

Everyone celebrates Easter in their own personal way but seeing children smiling and laughing in supportive environments lets us all know whatever your beliefs, it’s a happy time.

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