Emergency Radios Could Save Your Life

Emergency radios are available for registered locals at the Council Library, while stocks last.

EMERGENCIES are best survived with the right equipment, and the Emergency Wind-Up Radio is a critical piece of everyone’s kit.

The radio unit retails from its manufacturer online at $29.95, but MidCoast Council is giving them away to all residents who show proof of local residency.

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Since January this year, Council has been working with various other State Emergency agencies to better inform and prepare residents for the worst, especially with the recent, coinciding declarations of major weather events El Nino and the Indian Ocean Dipole.

The radio has four modes of receiving power – ‘AAA’-size batteries, 5V-DC input, solar panel and bottom-side flip-out hand crank – between them ensuring that the radio can be powered to receive signals any time, any weather.

The radio’s dial switches regular AM/FM broadcasts, to receive the ABC’s Emergency broadcasts on 95.9FM, as well as shortwave signals, which have an even longer range and AM.

The left side of the radio contains a surprisingly bright 3-LED torch, while the right side has charging jacks and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Perhaps the most useful feature, for many users today, is the regular USB-A output jack, which will allow users to recharge almost any phone from the radio’s internal Lithium battery, provided the correct cables are used.

Attendees at several environmental hazard information seminars across MidCoast LGA have received a hand-crank radio for communication in an emergency, along with a document pouch to safely store important documents, while those who did not are still able to register for one at the local Library.

“We want households to be prepared for disaster, to assist them to stay safe when these events occur,” said Council’s Manager of Libraries and Community Services, Alex Mills.

The instruction manual should be read carefully in order to properly store and maintain the Emergency Radios for when they are really needed – it could save your life!

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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