Erosion Issues at Winda Woppa

Whilst the erosion problems at Jimmys Beach and Winda Woppa area along the Esplanade have been addressed by Great Lakes Council, there continues to be problems with the constant influx of sand covering the Esplanades narrow roadway and burying the lawns of residences.

 Some of the sand build up that is occurring on The Boulevard, Winda Woppa.
Some of the sand build up that is occurring on The Boulevard, Winda Woppa.

News Of The Area recently visited The Boulevard and within a week period, we were amazed at the amount of sand that has inundated the road surface and lawns.

In some areas on the side of the road the sand is up to 50cm in depth and while we were investigating the area, a small car lost traction on the corner of the Esplanade and Gemalla Street.  Nothing major, but none-the-less.

The build up of sand is reduced to a minimum at the intersection of Kururma Crescent where native vegetation is still flourishing, acting as a break from the shoreline.

With little to no native vegetation along the stretch where erosion problems were mediated, it appears likely that this is the probable cause of sand inundating the roadside and front lawns of residences.

Speaking with News Of The Area, Great Lakes Council’s  Manager of Parks and Recreation, Mr Andrew Staniland said, “Great Lakes Council is aware that sand periodically blows onto the road in Winda Woppa and as part of the larger management of Jimmys Beach is considering options that include physical sand manipulation along Jimmys Beach; installation of additional hay bales; and a long term plan to encourage native vegetation to grow along The Boulevard to assist in the reduction of sand movement. In the interim, Council has physically moved sand by bobcat and/or street sweeper and returned it to the beach.”

“Council appreciates that sand movement is an ongoing issue for beach front properties and is seeking long term strategies which will minimise the impact of sand movement on residents and road users,” he said.

By Dave Brazier

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