Estia residents and Staff Celebrate Silliness in Mad Hatter Day Tea Party

Volunteer Pat Burnett led the Flamingo Croquet, under the Queen of Hearts’ watchful gaze.

SILLINESS reigned inside at Estia Tea Gardens, as residents and staff celebrated ‘Mad Hatter Day’ on 6 October.

Derived from the price-tag of the Mad Hatter’s hat in Alice and Wonderland, which read “10/6”, or ten shillings and sixpence, another interpretation can be the North American reading of ‘October 6th” – a good-enough excuse to celebrate the silly side of life.

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The staff and residents at Estia Tea Gardens were more than happy to oblige the spirit of Lewis Carroll’s characters, tumbling down the rabbit-hole and dressing up to enjoy a delightful high tea in the JB room, wonderfully transformed into the March Hare’s house.

It was six o’clock all day as some rose to play flamingo-croquet with regular volunteer Pat Burnett, while others attempted to befuddle ‘Alice’, or be befuddled by the ‘Cheshire Cat’.

Not to be outdone, Lenny as the Queen of Hearts was quick to order a few beheadings, however, luckily, none of the butter knives were sharp enough to manage the task.

“Estia puts on big, special activities like this all the time for the residents, as well as regular ones,” Peta Kidd, Lifestyle Co-Ordinator at Estia, told NOTA.

“We have a loaded calendar of events and special days throughout the year, to put a smile on their face, and it is amazing to have the ability to do this with the full support of Allyson Gregory (Residential Aged Care Manager).”

All departments of Estia Aged Care got involved, with Deborah from housekeeping turning up as a particularly well-groomed Mad Hatter, one among many on the day.

Cathriona, also from the Lifestyle Activities team, said it was “an amazing role, you go home having put a smile on their faces”.

While it may seem odd that they all took one day out of the year to set aside for silliness, as the Mad Hatter said, “You can’t take less – it’s very easy to take more than nothing.”

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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