Eungai Creek’s David Hall running for Councillor

David Hall.


RUNNING for a Councillor position in the upcoming Local Government Elections, David Hall believes his ability to listen and collaborate effectively with people of very different viewpoints and backgrounds will hold him in good stead if he wins a spot on Council.

Mr Hall, his wife Lisa and two children moved to the Nambucca Valley just over 21 years ago, firstly to Nambucca before buying a house in Eungai Creek.

After working for ten years in the Valley as a regional coordinator for community groups, encouraging connection with young people and families; Mr Hall now works in three local schools as a Chaplain.

Mr Hall has also worked at a state level with the P&C Federation of NSW, advocating for local young people in public education.

As P&C Country Vice-President, Mr Hall represented the Federation on various State Government committees.

He has also served on two Section 355 Committees of Council for over 18 years.

Mr Hall believes he can be a great addition to his local council, utilizing his passion for “community-minded decision making; responsible, sustainable development and the protection and enhancement of our natural environment”.

Mr Hall also lists improving engagement for local young people and increased support for community groups as key areas of interest.

Citing responsible asset management as a crucial topic in the next election, Mr Hall said, “We need to spend more in maintaining our current assets, another issue revealed in the last audit.

Appropriate development is another topic Mr Hall believes needs to be addressed at Council level.

“Particularly the determination of what is actually appropriate.

“There is a reason we all live here but how can we maintain that but let others also enjoy what we have.”

Mr Hall would also like to see employment and engagement issues addressed, particularly for young people.

“This may help with the emerging vandalism issue as we break the nexus between unemployment and a lack of hope and direction.”

He also believes he could help Council improve upon local disaster planning, management, and recovery efforts.

“Council has done a great job, particularly with the recovery process, but we have a way to go.”

On his How to Vote card, Mr Hall has preferenced, in order from 2 to 7, Martin Ballangarry, Ricky Buchanan, John Wilson, Peter Sobey, David Jones and Susan Jenvey.

“Any preferences I have given have been because of my support of diversity in the Council that is elected.

“I am just disappointed that there are not any more women standing.

“I heartily endorse Rhonda (Hoban) as Mayor as she brings so much to our Council
“I would like to be part of a Council that works together to unite our community.

“A Council that will make the most of our great resources to move towards a thriving future,” said Mr Hall.

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