FASTstream Places Outstanding Teachers In The Regions


NARRANGA Public School will welcome Thomas Smith, one of the first 50 participants in a new elite program for the best graduates and early career teachers who have been selected and matched with their new schools for the 2022 school year.

The program accepts a small number of outstanding candidates each year, who begin an intensive mentoring and accelerated leadership pathway which includes placements at leading public schools, including in the regions.

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More than 200 early career and graduate teachers applied to take part in the FASTstream program, and more than 120 schools expressed an interest in hosting participants.

When announcing the program, Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said, “We know great school leadership is crucial in lifting student and school outcomes and providing all our students with the opportunities to succeed.

“FASTstream is part of our commitment to identifying and supporting our school leaders at every stage of their career,”, she said.

The Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW, Paul Toole, said, “As a former teacher, I recognise the importance of great mentors to help set up our aspiring school leaders for the future.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for high-performing early career and graduate teachers to fast track their careers, while experiencing the joys of living in the bush.”

The teachers will also receive support from a school-based mentor in each placement providing them with advice and feedback, as well as a program mentor who will guide them through every step of the ten-year FASTstream journey.

This includes providing advice on professional development programs and opportunities, leadership coaching and tailored support.

The Principal of Narranga Public School, Michael Trist, said that Mr Smith will move from Sydney to Narranga as a classroom teacher.

He said the FASTstream program was about identifying young people with leadership potential and encouraging them to move from the city to regional schools.

Mr Smith will be assigned a mentor who, along with Mr Trist, will help Mr Smith develop his teaching and leadership skills.

Mr Trist said, “It’s important that we have as many high quality candidates as possible in regional schools and we look forward to being part of a program that seeks to address that.”


By Andrew VIVIAN

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