Fern Bay family dog returned dead after stay at Fullerton Cove boarding kennel


The Family of Baron the Greyhound have had their Christmas holiday come to a tragic end, with their beloved pet passing away whilst staying at Jane’s Pet Resort in Fern Bay while the family was on holidays.

Nathan Wilson, and his partner Dean Compton, arrived at the pet resort to collect their two dogs, Baron and Charlotte, a day early from their holiday.

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A staff member returned moments later after going to collect the animals, telling Dean and Nathan, ‘Your dog is dead’, in front of one of their two sons.

Staff at Jane’s pet resort told the family that they had checked on the dogs not more than fifteen minutes prior to collection, but a local vet confirmed with the family upon checking Baron’s body that he had been gone for a number of hours.


The veterinarian reported to the family that Baron, a three-year-old rescue Greyhound, had died as a result of heatstroke and dehydration.

The surviving family dog, Charlotte, collapsed a short time later, and has also now been treated for heatstroke and dehydration.

The family and their veterinarian remain hopeful that they caught Charlotte’s condition in time, and that she will recover.

Owner Nathan told News Of The Area, “We are just so distraught that we trusted this business with our babies, and they have dealt with the matter so poorly.”

Charlotte after she returned from the kennel
Charlotte after she returned from the kennel

“Baron, we are so sorry that we trusted these people to look after you, and that they failed you so badly.”

“We will make sure we fight for you and will do our best to ensure no other family has to experience something so devastating,” he said.

The RSPCA has been contacted by the family, and an official complaint has been made.

The RSPCA attended the resort promptly on Thursday and have opened an

Charlotte after she returned from the kennel
Charlotte after she returned from the kennel

investigation, as well as taking hold of Baron’s body for an autopsy.

News Of The Area will follow up with them on the outcome of this tragic situation, and will keep in touch with Nathan and his family as they seek answers.

Jane’s Pet Resort have been contacted for comment, but have yet to respond to News Of The Area.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

How Baron will be remembered by the Family
How Baron will be remembered by the Family

47 thoughts on “Fern Bay family dog returned dead after stay at Fullerton Cove boarding kennel

  1. I’ve 3 dogs one greyhound & 2 Italian greyhounds , I was considering using this kennel, no more , heart breaking beyound words, what these dogs went thru

  2. This kennel has been operating for over 20 years..this is the FIRST death. As of 1 hour ago the owner of the dog has not had any results from the RSPCA… Lets hope he makes the results as vocal as the sad death of his dog

    1. Really? Your response is to have a dig at the dogs owners for letting people know their dog died at the “resort”???? What is wrong with you? And no, it is not the first death at all. They recently had another dog die after being mauled to death by another dog in their care so there’s at least one other that I know of. How many more are there? Also, Charlotte is not out of danger yet and had they not shown up a day early SHE WOULD BE DEAD TOO. How could they not contact the owners when she died? How could they not have done something about Charlotte given they knew something was wrong because…. well a dog was dead??? Do you work there? Otherwise I can’t see why you are defending them and attacking the dogs owners just because they’ve alerted everyone to the appalling situation.

      1. Jacki you don’t know the truth. You are only repeating what ‘someone’ on fakebook has said. And maybe read my comment..I haven’t ‘had a go’ at Barons owner. I contacted him directly & he had not received the autopsy results…That is called ‘going to the source’ for information…something u haven’t done

        1. LOL you’ve said the owners of the boarding kennel are friends of yours which makes you not very objective & I get why you’re trying to do damage control but fudging the truth doesnt help anyone.. People know what’s being going on over there. Networks of dog owners have been informing each other even before this even happened. Bottom line is your friends shouldn’t be running a business caring for animals if they can’t do something as basic as keep them hydrated & cool in hot weather. They were probably cutting corners in order to increase profit, as some businesses do, but they have learnt the hard way that’s not how successful businesses are run. They need to find another way of making money where they are not responsible for the lives of other living creatures. End of story. PS Please don’t assume you know anything about me. You have no idea who I’m in touch with and how much I know.

          1. Well said Jackie. I would never take my dogs there anyway. I prefer Belmont Kennels or Pet Resort on Cabbage Tree Rd. Everybody in my dog club knows what happened and l can guarantee nobody will be talking there dogs there and we’re spreading the word.

      2. Thank you for your concern, you are clearly a very caring person.

        ,,,Jaqui couldnt agree more i have been in touch with them for answers myself, and to close them down as this another death an unamed Beagle also lost its life there,,,,, i live in the uk.this is their response………….. “We would like to invite you to come and meet us and have a look at our facilities (this is a very genuine offer) and discuss the facts of what happened with Baron ie the vet reports from the original vet that Dean and Lou took Barons body to.”

      1. None of us know how we’d react…exactly the point the kennel owner made in yesterday’s Newcastle Herald…he said “I was in shock” as to why he broke the news in front of the owners’ son. It’s a horrible situation for all involved. I’m simply telling what I kno in an attempt to enlighten all the vigilantes on media. Whatever has happened, the autopsy results hopefully will be made AS public as the accusations. Whatever has happened, none of us are perfect, but there’s no excuse for spreading lies & inciting violence. You do know people are making death threats?

    2. Impossible that it is the first death. We own the best kennel in NSW and in 8 years we have had a few deaths- two very old cats, one 16 and the second was an 18 yr old a few years later from kidney failure (the old cats release) 1 dog from undiagnosed diabetic ketoneacidosis, one dog with a ruptured internal tumour bled out in 15 minutes. And an old labrador who developed bloat in the night- none of which could have been foreseen or prevented by us. So if someone is saying no deaths in any kennel, that is an absolute falsehood. You can bullshit to the general public but don’t bullshit to someone in the business.

      1. You make a great point. No-one knows who you are Lorna..so you can say whatever you like. Unfortunately people are generally ignorant and social media feeds them shit. When Barins owner makes public the autopsy results we will all know the truth. Whatever happened was obviously an accident & it’s actually worse that you are in the industry making comment AND judgement when you don’t know the truth. Never made a mistake Lorna?

      2. Impossible that it is the first death. We own the best kennel in NSW Wow you own the best KENNEL in NSW so may I ask which Kennel? Oh WAIT it is SM so I expect you will not reply.

      3. Good point Lorna!! Of course sometimes terrible accidents or natural deaths happen at boarding kennels so they have shot themselves in the foot saying there’s never been ANY problems. In addition, it’s well known there have been problems at that kennel before – other preventable deaths. If it’s true they’ve closed down that would be one of the best outcomes from this horrible tragedy. I just wish it has happened sooner so this lovely family didn’t have to lose a beloved rescued dog to such a nasty sad death.

    3. I just pray you are not a pet owner Suzanne … disgusting response, and I hope Janes Pet Resort is held accountable. Just the response by staff in front of the children makes me sick!

    4. This kennel only been operating a short time not 20 years. I should know, my dog died there 4 years ago when it was called Newcastle Pet Resort. My guess is they changed names so as to not be associated with the other. Poor form on the operators behalf.

      1. Absolutely incorrect Bill. Janes Pet Resort was previously Janes Dog House…with a 3 year break in between. During that 3 years it was run by the now owners of Newcastle Pet Resort. Newcastle Pet Resort are now on Cabbage Tree Rd. Janes Dog House & Janes Pet Resort are the 1 & same owner with a 20year good record. Did you follow up with authorities regarding your dogs’ death? Make death thrests? Or did you grieve & accept that sometimes things happen…people die, animals die. Another case of people spreading non-truths

    5. 20 years? Pretty sure they posted their one year business anniversary on their Facebook page recently (before they took their page down due to bad reviews)

      1. Yes…over 20 years. They were previously called Janes Dog House…then leased their business to people who now operate Newcastle Pet Resort. When they resumed business after NPR left, they took up the name Janes Pet Resort. See Donavid, that’s called “know the facts before you open your mouth”. You do know the young family are getting death threats? Do you think that may be why they’ve taken their page down?

    6. When this story broke a few days ago, there was quite a few people that reported their dogs had died there too, including two chihuahuas. The company’s Facebook page has been shut down now, so I can’t show you the link to those stories. Apart from lying, what a disgusting attitude to have, let’s blame the victim

      1. The only blame I’m attributing is to people who are spreading wrong information. I’ve seen the post about the 1 chihuahua. from an unknown person. I am defending the reputation of people I actually know, as in real life…not fakebook. The damage to all parties is done now. I hope when the autopsy results are announced that everyone can move on. I have been in contact with Barons owners..where did u read in anything I’ve written that I was blaming Barons owner?

  3. OMG that is so distressing…. If this dog has died because of the neglect of the boarding resort – I hope that they are thoroughly investigated and if found to be negligent, closed down. What a horrible, horrible way to die…. I feel for this family. We put all of our trust in kennels like this when we go away – and to return to this is devastating for them. I hope that their other dog fully recovers…Unbelievable….shame on you Jane’s Pet Resort if this is because of your neglect.

    1. IF IF IF…..& if it’s not through negligence? Do you know this young family are getting death threats? Irreparable damage to Baron, his family & all at the kennels

      1. A couple of random trolls have posted the usual rubbish like “I hope you die” etc. That is what the “death threats” consist of. THey are not legitimate threats. It’s the kind of thing some people do on the internet all the time regardless of the topic and generally have nothing to do with the majority of interested people discussing the topic. Many perpetrators try to use the “I got death threats” cry to shut down criticism but it’s just a diversion. Focus on the real issues. 1. A dog died in the care of people the family trusted as professionals. 2. The “professionals” behaved badly before and after the death 3. Other people with animals at that facility need to be warned and the kennel needs to stop taking in animals. NO ifs or buts. If it was a child dying at a child care centre you wouldn’t be moaning about the “poor business owners” and neither should you just because it’s a dog.

  4. With any luck this kennel will close down eventually. Not acceptable at all! Poor innocent Baron, lost his life because of some incompetent human/s that think they can run a kennel. Keep fighting Nathan. So sorry for your loss.

      1. These people paid for someone to look after their beloved dogs. Clearly they did not do this. They have every right to speak out about it and as they said in their original Facebook post, their main concern was for the other dogs still in the ‘care’ of this facility. Every dog will seek water and shade on hot days. Clearly these animals were not afforded either or both. Unforgivable.

  5. I broke down in tears after reading this , I’m sorry for your loss it is inexcusable, our best wishes for your family

    1. Sorry your tears are flowing over me, we lost 2 ferrets in a boarding facility during a heatwave and never blamed the owners. They did their best and we knew the chances when we left them there. We had more chance of dieing on our flights than they did. Heatstroke can come on so quickly it’s not funny but to call shut it down get the pitchforks is so wrong. Oh wait it’s social media we can write whatever we want without consequences except for the poor business

  6. We are sickened to think of Baron dying in this heat. We also have rescue greyhounds and know that poor dog had been through enough already. Nathan and his family gave him a good home, and should have been able to trust professional animal carers to do their job properly in these crisis weather conditions.. That’s what they take money for. And not to lie when they let their charges down. Hopefully there is a big fine and the kennel is forced to close. Poor Baron. Shocking.

  7. This is a real tragedy. The family is devistated, the business has learned about the power of social media and we have seen some very strong responses. My question is why does the tag line in the article say “Wilson’s told dog died of heatstroke….”? I opened the article expecting to learn a bit more. From what this article says and the family relayed the kennel told them “the dog was dead”. The cause was determined by the vet. Please please if you are going to present your publication as a form of journalism don’t just reprint a facebook post.

  8. So sorry for your loss, heartbroken to read this article, shameful that this could happen, I hope that Charlotte is okay, she looks to be a very beautiful Murray girl

  9. As an owner of a rescue greyhound, I know that they are particularly susceptible to heat and cold. My dog doesn’t drink as regularly as I would like even though water is available. Such a sad event and in another article I read, the owners are trying to get the situation investigated. As another comment said, at times animals do die in these facilities. Just how hot was it during this time? How regular are the animals checked? Did the home know about this breeds sensitivity to heat? I do not take my dog out over 30c. Not enough information to make an educated comment. I hope it will be resolved. Kind thoughts to the family.

    1. This is a sad case of a dog dies due to extreme heat we are experiencing now and the poor business is getting hammered by the dog lovers out there. People get your facts right. Humans die during heatwaves animals will also. We keep ferrets and know that they have to be kept at under 27 degrees. Yet even with all the best efforts sadly lives will be lost in these temps. Human or animal blame and shaming on social media to destroy a business is just wrong. Funny how these folks don’t care about the ones that die due to heat stress ie: the homeless.

      1. First of all, Who says “these folks” dont care about “the homeless” or whatever. Why do people always assume if you care about animals therefore you don’t give a hoot about people or some other kind of animal or whatever, when in fact THE OPPOSITE is usually the case. ALSO It’s not a competition. It’s not a case of THIS cause is more important than this cause. People need to stop seeing things as conflicts. As for this situation. I think people have their facts right. The business deserves to “get hammered” and the owners need to find a different way to make a living that doesnt involve caring for animals. Dogs in Australia do not randomly die of heat stroke in well maintained properly run kennels. That’s the whole point of leaving loved pets with them. They only die of heatstroke if they are left to dehydrate and suffer by people who don’t know what they’re doing. It does not take a huge effort to keep them cool, it just takes an airconditioner and a little bit of common sense. It is perfectly acceptable for people on social media to call out this neglect and alert other pet owners of the problems at this kennel.

  10. This is unforgivable
    Jane’s Pet Resort must be closed down!
    So sorry to Dean,Nathan and family for the sad loss of your beautiful Baron.I hope Charlotte survives.

  11. It’s very sad to hear that another beautiful beloved pet has passed away in care. I’m so sorry for your loss Dean, Nathan & Family xx Rest in Peace Baron xx ❤️ Charlotte, I hope you get better baby xx ❤️

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