Fidget Spinners used for good, not distraction

Cooper McKenna and Hayden Reddon love their fidget spinners.
Cooper McKenna and Hayden Reddon love their fidget spinners.


THE Fidget Spinner, a three pronged spinning gadget centred on a central ball bearing, has become the controversial new fad sweeping the nation and taking over our schools and playgrounds.

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Originally created as a gadget to assist children who may be antsy, nervous, hyperactive or anxious, the gadgets have become popular with children across the board, seemingly overnight.

Before spinners came along, many children who would perhaps benefit from them were hesitant of using fidgets because they felt “different” than their friends.

But now, with these fidget spinners gaining so much popularity, the majority of children are using them regardless of whether they actually need to.

Fidgets spinners are much more than just another fad toy, they can be excellent tools full of therapeutic benefits if children are taught to understand their origin and why they were first introduced into classrooms.

Teacher Simon Tarrant spoke with the News Of The Area about the avalanche of popularity that the Fidget Spinner has seen.

“I have used different fidget devices, both handheld and attached to the legs of chairs, to assist my students that legitimately need them to learn more effectively, but recently so many other kids have suddenly started saying that they ‘need’ these fidget spinners to focus.”

“Problem is, the trend I am seeing is they only focus on the spinner, not their work and they also distract the kids around them.”

“I’ve discussed it with my classes and have said they can use them but need to be stealthy and get their work done, so basically if I see them, I take them.”

Paediatric Occupational therapist, Claire Woods, is excited about the popularity of the fidget spinners and told News Of The Area, “I’ve been singing the praises of fidget gadgets and the like for so long now, and I can only hope that they serve a positive purpose in the classroom and school, and be used to help children focus in the classroom and not just distract themselves and others.”

“They are such a useful tool for children who need them, and their popularity can help those students to feel more comfortable.”

“I would hope though, that parents discuss the appropriate use of them with their children before allowing them to go to school with them,” she said.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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