Fires around Medowie Road and Italia Road start the tough season

Fire threatens the edge of the Causeway Equestrian centre on Medowie Road.
Fire threatens the edge of the Causeway Equestrian centre on Medowie Road.


FIRE season is on its way, and we have hit the season opening in the worst possible way, with two fires locally already being fought.

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One of these fires last week, on the Pacific Highway between Medowie Road and Italia Road, threatened Medowie properties

The two fires already logged for this fire season need to be used as a stark reminder of what fire can do, and how quickly it can get out of control, endangering lives and property.

One such property in Medowie that was threatened during last week’s blaze was at Causeway Equestrian at the end of Medowie Road.

The owners have a beautiful property, surrounded by dense bushland, where people from all over Port Stephens, Newcastle and the Hunter region keep their horses, or to learn how to ride or improve the skills they already have.

This creates a lovely peaceful environment for the horses and riders, but being in the bush brings its fears and downfalls.

Owner Amanda Lynch told News Of The Area, “We were again reminded of this during the week, when the bushfire started near the highway only a few kilometres from us.”

“Having had the October fires, last year, come very close we were well rehearsed in what to do.”

The Causeway equestrian team now have a thorough plan to evacuate, with advice from the RFS, to ensure they have the best chance of keeping all animals safe.

“Last October we discovered an efficient way to evacuate 22 horses and how lovely our community is with offers of help coming from everywhere,” Amanda said.

“We initially evacuated to Salt Ash Pony Club grounds with all of the horses and spent the night camping with them.”

Unfortunately within a few hours of returning home, it was necessary for them to evacuate again, and locals Wayne and Maureen Cone assisted them in moving the horse again.

This time they went to the property of local vet Robyn Mather, who invited them to keep all the horses at her place until it was safe to come home.

Throughout the whole experience they were kept very well informed by the RFS, who came and checked on them a few times.

Last week’s fire came close to being another evacuation, and Amanda hopes that by sharing her story, she may give a personal look at how important it is to be safe this fire season.

“I am happy to say that we have come through tw very close bushfires, with no loss of life or property.”

“In addition, we have discovered what a supportive community we have with people just showing up to help in whatever way they could,” Amanda said.

“We want to encourage everyone to stay safe and be sensible this fire season, so no residents will ever have to face what we have faced.”


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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