Forum to bring change to a damaged industry

Dean Compton and Nathan Wilson, with their surviving dog Charlotte.
Dean Compton and Nathan Wilson, with their surviving dog Charlotte.

The death of Baron, the greyhound who passed away under the care of kennel owners, will not be in vain.

His devastated, but determined, owners have this week contacted News Of The Area to discuss a forum that has been organised to shake up the industry.

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The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) will be holding an industry forum on February 2 at Hunter Pet Motel in Elderslie at 10am.

Invited to attend as special guests to participate in collecting information are the RSPCA, AWAC (Animal Welfare Advisory Council), MP Mark Pearson, MP Kate Washington, and the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).

Mark Fraser, CEO of the PIAA, will be hosting the forum at the Hunter Pet Motel, the only fully accredited boarding facility in the Hunter.

Baron’s owners, Dean Compton and Nathan Wilson, spoke with News Of The Area this week about the forum.

“Losing Baron in such away has been horrific,” Nathan said.

“The hours and days that followed showed us that our story, although devastating to our family, was not that different from the hundreds of messages we were receiving from other people who also lost their pets in preventable and shocking circumstances whilst in the care of facilities across the country.”

“This is when we realised our story, our worst moments, were only just scratching the surface,” he said.

Nathan and Dean reflected on the hundreds of messages of support they have received, including celebrities, who either share their love of animals or have a similar tragic story to tell.

In the time since Baron’s death, Dean and Nathan have met with media, industry leaders, industry professionals and politicians.

“Our story gave animals like Baron, and their owners, their voice,” Dean said.

“We owe it to Baron and the hundreds like him who have died in facilities across the country, those who were disregarded by the facilities that were entrusted to care for them.”

“We now stand with the support of thousands and demand industry reform.”

“The industry is listening and change will happen,” he said.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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