Free ‘Treasures of Ageing’ workshop offered in Women’s Health Week

Marika Braak and Duncan MacMartin are delivering free Treasures of Ageing workshops during Women’s Health Week.

TREASURES of Ageing is a series of three free workshops on Friday 8 September in Coffs Harbour as part of Women’s Health Week 2023, 4-8 September.

This year’s theme is ‘Grow your knowledge’.

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It’s all about supporting women to make informed decisions about their health with information that’s easy to understand.

Coffs Harbour couple Marika Braak and Duncan MacMartin have combined their skills and techniques to offer the three sessions to the community.

There are two Mind and Bodywork sessions with Marika and Duncan and one session on The Quantum Cortex, facilitated by Duncan.

Marika is a qualified yoga and movement teacher.

Duncan is a cognitive development practitioner and researcher with 30 years in the field working in the rehabilitation, brain injury, autism and learning difficulty space.

“My Bodywork in these sessions looks at cross patterning movements for greater left/right brain connection, restoring your memory through movement, and activating and resetting the vagus nerve for rest and digest,” Marika told News Of The Area.

“Exploring the changing views of ageing, by reversing the premature ageing process, has given me inspiration to help others by facilitating workshops in my later years.

“At age 77 I still enjoy teaching with enthusiasm.

“After 50 it becomes increasingly important to reverse the downward pull of gravity.

“In the workshops we learn and practice the benefits of how you breathe, hand gestures, forward and back bends, resting and sitting poses, how the pituitary, hypothalamus and vagus nerve are stimulated, which helps youthful energy to flow and bring radiance to the face and mind.

“We’ll also do balancing and standing poses, turning, twisting,” she said.

Duncan, a former student of Prof Reuven Feuerstein, teaches tools for thinking.

In the last four years he’s been studying the development of empathy.

Mind work with Duncan is in the format of a ‘realisation’ workshop, designed “for transforming mind freeze and memory, awakening mental clarity, wisdom and conscious perspectives”.

“I’ll be talking about quantum cortex cutting edge learning and transformative thinking.”

This session is best suited to home-schooling mentors, educators and counsellors, and anyone else interested in understanding development potentials.

“It’s a radical and practical introduction to understanding and learning how to escape the crushing emotional gravity of the ancient competitive survival brain and its rote learning and mimicry by accessing empathy’s evolutionary treasure: the peaceful, creative, transformative, metacognitive and manifesting cortex,” Duncan explained.

The workshops take place at 29 Coriedale Drive, Coffs Harbour.

Places are limited – to book, phone 0400 455 382 or 0475 598 236.


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