Funds promised for the repairs of Abundance Road Medowie

Deputy Mayor Chris Doohan has advised that repairs to Abundance Road are a priority.
Deputy Mayor Chris Doohan has advised that repairs to Abundance Road are a priority.

Medowie was again saddened by the news of another loss of life on Abundance Road recently, when a 71-year-old woman passed away after her vehicle left the road on the corner of Abundance and Lisadell Roads.

Distressed residents took to social media, speculating the cause of these accidents, and blaming the condition of Abundance Road.

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While the cause of these accidents has not been linked to the condition of the road, its current state and urgent need for maintenance and repairs has been an ongoing area of frustration for local residents.

News Of The Area met with Deputy Mayor Chris Doohan for the second time regarding the repairs needed for Abundance Road.

“I requested a chance to speak to residents again through News Of The Area, as I was concerned that our Council announcement on funds set aside for Abundance Road had not been heard widely enough.”

Port Stephens Council’s capital works program for 2016-2017, costed at over $28 million, has earmarked a large number of projects for the area, which include important upgrade works at Abundance and Lisadell Roads.

“I have been listening to the community about this urgent need, and I can assure you these repairs are coming and have been moved substantially up the priority list.”

“The work will be undertaken on an 800 metre stretch of Abundance road and will include road widening and stabilisation, the extension of drainage culverts and driveway extensions and remediation,” Chris Doohan said.

Other projects that have attracted funds to be set aside include the stage one development of the Medowie Sports Complex, and much needed road and pathways upgrades around Medowie that have already commenced.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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