Galleries in the Gardens Traditional Long Weekend Show Exceeds Expectations

Visitors from Sydney enjoyed the rock-painting table: Paul, Olivia, Theodora, Charlie.

HOT weather could not stop the artistically-minded Galleries in the Gardens artists from staging their traditional Long Weekend show all around the Garden on Sunday, 1 October.

While much of the twin towns sweltered in a 36 degree early dash of summer, the Gallery’s garden canopy provided sweet relief and shade, and a beautiful riverside setting for the annual show, dubbed the ‘ArtMart’ this year.

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All kinds of creative expression, including exquisite sculptures, fantastic photography, delicately crafted pottery and paintings infused with passion and joy were on display and sale, as well as a few new things.

The highlight for younger patrons was the rock painting table, where the Garden’s new painted rock trail feature was born of the relaxed and playful efforts of kids and adults alike, and will continue on around the grounds in perpetuity.

“It’s been lovely, a big success and a great way of bringing the community and visitors together,” resident artist Hannah Matilda told NOTA.

Seven stalls around the shady garden exhibited all art forms, with motifs ranging from flowers to music, found art and hidden tree leaf designs, with some art cheekily hanging out in the trees themselves.

“All stalls sold at least one artwork, with some as many as six, it has exceeded our expectations with over thirty sales in the one day,” Ian Morphett beamed.

“We have a good vibe going, and we want to keep that energy up, so we are thinking about doing something similar again, in the lead-up to Christmas,” sculptor-suprema Chez Rands added.

“We have all enjoyed the community’s interest and support, and everyone very much appreciates the NOTA’s support, too,” Galleries President Emilie Tseronis added.

Anyone interested in getting better acquainted with their inner artistic expression is welcome to gather with the Galleries’ members and pick up some tidbits that may turn their dabbling into objets d’art at the ‘Art Speak’, which meets in the Art Shed behind the Gallery every Wednesday, 10am-1pm.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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