Gallery of photos of Bulahdelah Grandparents Day

Tracey Fenning is a teacher at Bulahdelah Central School but she was also a Kindergarten student at the school in 1965.

On 5 June 1965 there was the official opening of J Block which are the Primary School buildings at Bulahdelah Central School.

On Friday 5 June 2015 a special Grandparents & Friends Day was held.

The ceremonies began at 9.30am where there was an Assembly and each Primary class performed with entertainment items.

Then the students and their guests shared a morning tea and poems and artwork were on display.

There was the opportunity to have official photos taken of the grandparents with their grandchildren.

Students then returned to their classrooms and grandparents and friends were invited to observe lessons being taught and students doing activities.

At 11.50am there was an official tree planting event to commemorate 50 years for J Block.

Carol Wills, Relieving Deputy Principal, spoke to the staff, students and grandparents and then welcomed past students to take a handful of dirt and help with the tree planting.

Carol Wills
Carol Wills

There was one family present on the day that has had four generations now attend Bulahdelah Central School.

Diane Relf quoted, “I remember that when I was seven the J Block was opened and we had new classroom buildings.”

Diane attended the Grandparents & Friends Day with her mother Robin Latimore, her daughter Vennice Pickett and her two grandchildren, Saxyn and Jade Pickett.

There were many grandparents there on the day that had happy stories to tell about when they attended Bulahdelah Central School.

It was a day to celebrate education in Bulahdelah, to share memories and to have the present generation engage with the history of their school.

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