Good conditions for the Loggerheads Malibu Club’s first point score competition of the year

Brendan Gillis caught some of the biggest waves of the day at the Loggerheads Malibu Club points score event.

COMPETITIVE longboarding in the Nambucca Valley got off to a great start last weekend with the Loggerheads Malibu Club having their first monthly club points score competition at Scotts Head.

With full sunshine and only a slight offshore breeze predicted, all the surfers needed was for Mother Ocean to produce rideable waves and she did not disappoint.

Word was out that surf conditions had been improving over the week so there were plenty of people in the water from the point and well into the bay.

In an attempt to give competitors a cleaner run, the Loggerheads set up their judging area on the Club Track Lookout and the heats initially began directly in front.

While the waves on offer in this location had plenty of size, up to around 1.8 meters, they were closing out early and ride duration was limited.

The Loggerheads were forced to take their chances in amongst, or close-to the pack, making judging tricky and risking drop-ins.

Long time Loggerhead Tony Burton put his stamp on the comp early with some of the longest rides of the day.

New member Ellie Fuller produced solid rides from the outset and, although fairly new to the Scotts Head conditions, she quickly worked out there were rideable waves reforming closer to the beach and was able to rack up a considerable wave count.

Brendan Gillis claimed some of the biggest waves of the day, however it was John Burton who came away with the most points by morning end.

John was able to produce plenty of great turns and walk his board when it mattered despite having some of his rides cut short due to the lack of surfing etiquette demonstrated by others in the water.

Ellie Fuller was a close second on the day with John’s dad, Tony Burton, rounding out the place getters in third.

The Loggerheads Malibu Club meets at 7:45 am on the third Sunday of each month in the Scotts Head Reserve carpark and surfers of all ages and abilities are welcome.


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