Growing Organic: Tea Gardens Seed Savers Gathering

KOREE FARM: Seed Savers’ Field Trip
KOREE FARM: Seed Savers’ Field Trip

IF you’re  a lover of all things organic, love to garden and grow your own fruit and vegetables, then look no further than the “Seed Savers.”

Local enthusiast Rosalie Lennard describes “Seed Savers” as “like-minded gardeners who enjoy  swapping and growing  heritage seeds,  in other words, seeds that have not been genetically modified,” she told the News Of The Area.

An added bonus, these seeds are “free.”

30 Seed Savers recently gathered for a field day at Koree Farm on the outskirts of Tea Gardens.

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It was a rainy start to the morning, but Koree farm owners  Helmut and Vivien Panhuber provided a warm welcome to their fruit farm on the banks of Port Stephens.

On offer, abundant citrus trees flowing into an orchard of tamarillos, and exotics  of persimmon, carob, apples, bay-leaf, star fruit, macadamia and a raspberry patch ready to be picked for Spring.

Beehives too, were bursting with honey.

The sun came out in time for morning tea and a chance to sample the farms’ jams and honeys.

Rosalie described the honey with cinnamon as “heaven on a stick.”

The gathering also heard from local expert Shane Martin who gave a presentation on seed baths, a method of preparing seeds for increased germination and survival rates.

Anyone wanting more information about Seed Savers can contact Stuart Fleming at







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