Hawks battle Clarencetown Cobras at Myall Park on 27 May

Post-try celebration, with only one defender way behind.

SCORELINES can belie a match, as happened during the Hawks’ home game at Myall Park on Saturday, 27 May.

The Hawks’ aggressive offence came from the start, bouncing off last week’s victory, but Clarencetown came back equally uncompromising.

Clarencetown’s first try came after some evasive sidewinding, but the Hawks’ response was foiled by a knock-on losing possession.

Clarencetown dominated possession in the first half, the Hawks’ defensive line holding a 30-minute state of attrition, but no scores registered until after a prolonged back-and-forth delivered Clarencetown’s second try.

A highly unfortunate interaction caused both Hawks’ Captain-Coach and Half-Back playmaker to retire from the field, leaving the Hawks in sore need of leadership.

The Hawks’ valiant efforts went unrequited, including a three-man push-back on Aiden Bills’ run for the line, to no avail.

Serious and intense half-time huddles ensued for both teams, clearly sober to the fact that their opponents were giving everything they had.

Clarencetown’s next two tries came through exploitation of that pesky far-right corner.

The Hawks finally found their try-line with a team effort, ignited by Benny’s spirited run from the back all the way up on the left wing, and a pass-off that led to James Sinclair’s try.

The second Hawks’ try followed minutes later, with Ethan Tito putting it between the posts for Aiden Bills’ second successful conversion.

Hawks’ defence held up, but Clarencetown showed that persistence pays, cutting through a fifth try in the same corner, answered immediately by Carl Williams’ third try for the Hawks, after another of Benny’s breaks from the backline.

A fourth Hawks’ try courtesy of Luke Perry, closely after the third, and at ten minutes left, the Hawks were one away from levelling.

The ensuing series of nail-biting plays and error-driven handovers saw several near-the-liners for the Hawks, but Clarencetown’s final try hit in the last minute of the game.

The final score, 22-32, belied the efforts throughout, and we look forward to a full side next game.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

The second half saw tries come in pairs for the Hawks.

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