Hawks Nest Bridge Club

In 2018 the new club house was opened.

HAWKS Nest Bridge Club was originally founded in 1994 and has grown from 45 members originally to over 100 members today.

In 2018 the new club house was opened and membership has continued to grow in spite of a world-wide trend of falling membership.

Several clubs in NSW are struggling to maintain numbers but HNBC goes from strength to strength.

This could be due to many factors but one very strong driving force has been the group lessons given by our dedicated teachers. Every winter there is a six-week course given for complete beginners, followed later in the year by a six week ‘transition’ course. These will start this year in July so keep a look out for banners around town with further details. There are also weekly group lessons given year-round for those who prefer this format.

Further information on Club House door at 26 Yamba Street, Hawks Nest.

Another factor for our success could be the emphasis on social activities, with regular gatherings on a Friday late afternoon, and occasional Sunday lunches.

New members are made particularly welcome and a weekly game of ‘social bridge’ is held to ease new players into the game.

Regular games are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Last week’s results:

Monday6/5: N/S 1. B.Treharne & J.Whalan 2. P.Baily & G.Morrison 3. L.Caro & C.Richards
E/W 1.D.Hipkins & B.Eyre 2. K.McMurray & L.Butler 3. S.Aldrich & M.Rowden

Wednesday8/5: 1. C.Richards & J.Whalan 2. B.Treharne & S.Matheson 3. S.Fuller & K.McMurray

Friday10/5: N/S 1. J. & T. Thatcher. 2. B.Treharne & S.Matheson 3. P.Baily & G.Morrison
E/W 1. S.Pearson & A.Ryan 2. P.Marr & S.Schmeding 3. D.Hipkins & B.Eyre


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