Hawks Nest Bridge Club weekly results

Harnessed the power of the Internet.


Hawks Nest Bridge Club

THE Australian Bridge Federation has reported a decrease nationally in people learning bridge and becoming new members, However, Hawks Nest Bridge Club is having its most successful recruiting year ever!

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Our President, Leslie Falla, has recently led a series of lessons for those new to bridge as he has done in previous years. Undeterred by the restrictions of coronavirus, he has harnessed the power of the Internet and used Zoom and online bridge games to support the usual lessons and teaching notes. 24 students have participated, helped by a small group of mentors.

Students now have the opportunity to participate in the Club Bridge Base Online games and, using Zoom, review the hands, which have been uploaded to our website, with their mentor to improve their play. Well done Leslie and his support team for continuing to develop our Club in these challenging times!

Interestingly, the Club has also gained some new members from out of the area – indeed, out of state! – who want to continue playing club tournaments but do not have the opportunity to do so with their local club and have friends and contacts in our Club. All are welcome!


Monday 3 August N/S 1. Tony Woodford and Sam Kebby 2. Carol Richards and Sue Matheson 3. Glenn and Linda Conroy E/W 1 Chez Rands and Leslie Falla 2. Robot and Robot 3.Roy Song and Bea Treharne.

Friday 7 August N/S 1. Chez Rands and Leslie Falla 2 Catherine and Margaret Churton 3 Margaret Rowden and Sally Aldrich. E/W 1. Robot and Robot 2. Jeanette Whalan and Carol Richards 3. Glenn and Linda Conroy

Monday 27 July N/S 1. Noelle and Sam Kebby 2. Gordon Morrison and Peter Baily 3. Shirley Beasley and Jean Glover E/W 1. Carol Richards and Sue Matheson 2. Chez Rands and Leslie Falla 3. Glenn and Linda Conroy

Friday 14 August N/S 1. Carol Richards and Jeanette Whalan 2. Margaret Rowden and Sally Aldrich 3. Chez Rands and Leslie Falla E/W 1. Sam Kebby and Trish Thatcher 2. Tony Woodford and Noelle Kebby 3. Gordon Morrison and Peter Baily


By Esther DIGBY

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